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Oct 11, 2006 03:46 AM

Good spot for lunch this Sunday around Sonoma and spot for dinner north farther in Russian River Valley?

Relatives in town would like to meander around Sonoma, have a tasty probably informal lunch and then find a nice place for dinner that's north in the Russian River Valley. (After that on Sunday they'll be driving north awhile farther for where they're staying.)

They are foodies. One eats fish not meat, the other meat not fish... just to keep things interesting. :)

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  1. Two of my favorite places to eat in Sonoma County are in Healdsburg, which is nicely located in the North of Russian River.

    Ravenous is somewhat more casual, with creative cuisine. Occasionally service is not what is should be.
    420 Center Street, Healdsburg

    Cyrus, on the other hand, is a premium, high-end restaurant with outstanding food and service. Although I was a bit put off at their tendency to push high-priced additions such as caviar, champagne, after-dinner liqueurs, just a bit too aggressively.

    I feel that either place would be a great choice, despite the potential imperfections. Reservations would be required for either place. And both places would have no problem with the meat/fish requirements.

    We have also had a very nice meal at the Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, although some friends were not quite as happy with their meal there. If the weather is fine, outdoor seating is available.

    According to the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce, all three are open for Sunday dinner.

    Cheers, Ken

    1. Thank you - printed your post to give to them.

      1. To not over-eat too much and save room for dinner, I'd recommend Bovolo for fabulous pizzas and a pork-cheek sandwich to die-for (they cure their own pork!)

        I would DEFINITELY skip Dry Creek Kitchen - I'm one that has had horrendous food AND service there.

        Instead, consider Manzanita or Barn Diva, both on the square where Bovolo is. You could spend your whole afternoon touring the square considering the quality of tastings rooms right there, my favorite being Susan Selby's.

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          Yeah ... and get some of the gelato at Bolovo for dessert. Probably some of the best in the Bay Area. Lovely apple & spice right now that isn't the usual chunks of apple in vanilla ice cream, but pureed apple gelato that is the soul of apples. Great peanut butter too that would pair well with the chocolate gelato. Samples are available.