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Oct 11, 2006 03:05 AM

Good thai green coconut curry recipe? [moved from SF Bay board]


I'm looking for a tried and tested thai green coconut curry recipe, as well as a pumpkin curry recipe. Got any suggestions?


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  1. If you haven't discovered, please do. Her recipes are labor intensive but really really good. I have made the green curry and the red curry of pumpkin with duck. Good and not what you normally get in a restaurant.

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      I also heartily recommend this website. My friends took a class from her--I think she's in the East Bay--but the recipes on her website are also good, and she has them listed at varying levels of difficulty, i.e., use this pre-made curry paste if you're a beginner, but make your own if you're not. I also love that she recommends specific brands, as I often feel lost in Thai grocery stores.

    2. This isn't a recipe so much as a continuum -- put whatever you have into it.

      0. Parboil any hard vegetables like Thai eggplants.
      1. Pour off the cream from the can of coconut milk and heat in a skillet or wok -- don't let it boil too heavily though.
      2. Fry a tablespoonful (more or less, according to taste) of curry paste (any colour) in the coconut "cream".
      3. Add a half tablespoon of turmeric, two lime leaves cut in half (can't eat 'em, might as well make them easy to fine), a stalk of lemongrass, soft inner part only and minced as finely as you can get, and a minced chile if you want to amp up the spice.
      4. Add the remaining coconut milk, half a can of chicken stock, a tablespoon of fish sauce and a tablespoon of sugar (palm sugar if you have it).
      5. Simmer the "chunkies" (chicken, pumpkin, vegetables, whatever) in the sauce, then stir in chopped cilantro and whole basil leaves.

      If you want pumpkin curry, use pumpkin chunks and (previously fried or baked) tofu, with red curry paste.

      If you want chicken curry, use chicken, Thai eggplants and bamboo shoots, with green curry paste.

      If you want country curry, use white fish with sour curry paste, twice the lemongrass and omit the chicken broth.

      If you want duck curry, use previously-roasted duck and red curry.

      That's it. Serve with rice and limes.

      1. Not sure if you consider using purchased green curry paste as "cheating" so I will offer you this recipe from Epicurious for Thai Shrimp Curry, great-tasting and beautiful presentation though I usually substitute red bell pepper for the tomato. Link below:

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          That's such a simple recipe, but I have made it several times and it's pretty darn good. I always sub something for the tomato as well. That part doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes snow peas or sugar snaps get added.