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Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Am I the only one who grew up with fried bologna sandwiches? I decided to make one today for the first time in years. I asked a variety of friends and they had no clue as to what I was talking about.
Now I am all about experimenting with these. Anyone have interesting things they do with their fried bologna sandwich or memories that the sandwich triggers?
I have pictures of my sandwich and a better description of them on my blog --

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  1. I know Tim Mcgraw has a clue, as he mentions them in one of his songs.

    They are fairly common here in Louisiana. Usually on white bread with mayo.

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      Fried bologna (the big round kind, with the red casing, sliced from the deli case) definitely had a starring role in my childhood. If you forgot to strip off the red strips, they would frizzle in the cast iron skillet. Sadly, the quality of mass-market bologna isn't what it used to be. But fried bologna with pepper jelly on a hunk of french bread is still worth eating...

    2. Fried bologna on rye with mustard and a pickle on the side. Kind of like a microtomed hot dog.

      1. I haven't had one of those in years! We had them on white wonder bread. Dad made them for us, and his was on rye or pumpernickle with sweet pickles and butter on both sides of each piece of bread.

        As an adult I'll admit to a grown up version with mortadella and sourdough. It's good, but just not the same as the *original* fried baloney sandwich.

        1. I used to eat these as a kid. It wasn't anything more than bologna fried in a pan and sandwiched between 2 slices of wonder bread. Nothing special but at the time I'm sure I loved it.

          1. Actually I usually don't fry it (although I love that as well), I usually put it on the smoker with other meats.

            A couple hours in the smoker - usually the lunch before the big BBQ dinner - with brown sugar on top and cut into a large roll of bolgna. Serve over wonderbread after a good dip in good BBQ sauce and a generous lump of slaw on top. O-H M-A-N.

            1. Yep..fried bologna with grilled onions on white bread...and a diet pepsi. As a kid, a favorite.

              1. I've had fried liverwurst,with rye or a combo with balony,grainey mustard I toast the bread........really good

                1. It's a great substitute for bacon on a fried egg sandwich with some american cheese. My memory is, a customer in our deli used to order it every morning and we thought it was weird. Then one day when we where bored, we made some for ourselves and couldn't believe how good it was.

                  1. My mom broiled our bologna. Broiled bologna sandwiches (white bread) were the kids' regular Saturday supper. Our parents ate "better" sandwiches.

                    1. We never did fried bologna, but when my mom found end-slices of lunchmeat on discount in the deli section, she'd make fried genoa salami sandwiches. Five or six slices fried in a cast iron skillet would render almost half a cup of fat. But the salami was bacon crispy, but tasted amazing. Slathered with mayo on toasted Wonder Bread.

                      1. Loved them as a kid--with the bologna slightly charred in places. Here in Colombia the bologna is filled with too much vegetable matter and funny stuff that it doesn't fry up the same at all.

                        1. We have fried bologna frequently at my house. Not only for sandwiches(made with tomato & cheese & mustard), but also for breakfast instead of bacon.

                          1. I love fried bologna with mustard and lettuce on untoasted white bread.

                            1. No reason to make fried bologna when grow up in NJ and have taylor ham (aka taylor pork roll)

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                                AGREED! My grandfather actually shipped some out to friends of his who moved to the midwest because they missed it so much.

                              2. My father used to make these for us when we were kids. It was one of the few things he used to cook for us.
                                I haven't had one in a long time.

                                1. we often had friend bologna but has anyone ever had bologna hats? My mom made them when we were kids.

                                  You take slices of bologna, lay them out on a cookie sheet - brush them with a mix of yellow mustard and brown sugar and then broil them. They puff up like little hats and we always had them with mashed potatoes. I've never heard of anyone else eating them and figured maybe someone out here on the net had heard of them.........

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                                    Have heard of the same thing, but heard 'em called "bologna cups"....sort of school cafeteria fare in the days before nutrition facts were printed on everything.

                                  2. Never bologna, but I used to love fried spam sandwiches.

                                    Same idea, different meat (if you can either of these things "meat").

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                                      I remember getting the "Spam Slam" at Denny's in Japan Town in San Francisco--mmm, fried spam. Haven't had that in a loooong time.

                                    2. Andrea,

                                      This is a technique question....do you put the bologna in with the cheese and then fry it like one would a grilled cheese? 'Cause the meat looks awfully pink in that picture.

                                      In our house the bologna was fried directly in the skillet with three slices cut around the bologna (from the edge in towards the center) creating like a round star so that the bologna doesn't bow up in the middle. I liked it as dark as possible, almost burnt. (just like my spam!!)

                                      It was an artform.

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                                        Krissy --
                                        I fried it in a skillet and then made it into a grilled bologna and cheese. The slices were so thin from the butcher that I couldn't brown them up as much as I wanted to. And I have learned that I was supposed to put slits in the bologna and didn't. Anyway, they puffed up too much for me to get browned properly.

                                      2. Just made one tonight with some melted muenster cheese, and sliced tomato from the garden. Felt like a kid again!

                                        1. Not fried but, place a single slice of bologna on sliced white bread. Place in oven and cook until the bologna cups. Spread with mustard , top with another toasted slice of bread to make your sandwich.We would call them baked baloney sandwiches.