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Oct 11, 2006 02:44 AM

Authentic Mexico experiences in Tijuana

This may be an oxymoronic question in touristy of all cities but some brief mentions in other post about truly great experiences in the border town has made me curious.

I recall a birreria that was written up in the reader as well as a 'Casa de Mole.' Any thoughts?

A long time ago I remember having breakfast at an 'almacen' or department store which actually made a great HR, had complimentary pan dulce and nice licuados. Anyone know the name of this place or any other good almacens?

Ive been hankering to get the Mercado it worthwhile?

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  1. If you go to Plaza Rio Tijuana, you get an authentic middle class Mexico experience.... 90% of the patrons are local residents. The shops run the gamut from Comercial Mexican to Dorian's... from Dulcerias to Health Shops... from Arcades to Book Stores... from Torterias to Sanborns.

    Parking is great & affordable... and you are across the street from the Cultural Center (a very impressive calendar... over the years I have seen acts including Lila Downs, Eugenia Leon, Baja California State Symphony, Mariachi Vargas & Ballet Folklorico de Mexico & the Bellas Artes Opera Company).

    Cross a different street & you are at Mercado Hidalgo with hundreds of stalls ranging in prices & quality (usually correlated).

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      thanks for the tips eat nopal.

      i wish i could have seen lila downs in tijuana...freaking awesome new cd.

    2. Hop a plane and get to Guadalajara by Saturday, kare raisu. Lila is singing here the night of the 14th. She puts on some show!

      And for an authentic (whatever that means) Mexican eating experience in Tijuana, go to Tacos El G├╝ero on Blvd Aguascalientes, across the street from the Chevrolet dealership. The tacos de bistec are truly gold-standard.

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      1. Carnitas Uruapan is as they say, worth a detour, carnitas that will make you sigh.

        Carnitas Uruapan
        Blvd. Agua Caliente 12650 Tel. 681-61-81
        8:00 am a 3:00 am

        Near the race track, you will know the agony and the ecstasy of just one more taco.

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            Excellent article, thanks for the link.