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Oct 11, 2006 02:41 AM

Good Schwarma at Arax

I had a tasty schwarma sandwich from Arax Falafel today. It's not too big, which is good. It's just right.

The meat has a nice crust to it. They put a tahini/hummus sauce in there, along with tomatoes that keep it moist and juicy. It doesn't fall apart, and that's a plus.

It's a small place, though... 3 tables. As I ordered a girl took the last table so I had to take it to go. It was still good when I got it home. They put some pickled radish slices and some hot peppers in the bag.

Los Angeles, CA 90029-2479

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  1. thanks so much!! I go by this place on my way to work and I've been wondering.

    1. i too like this place, but i've gotten stuck behind large lunch to go orders on a couple occasions and ended up waiting a long ass time for my falafel or shwarma...

      1. I gotta say I find the Schwarma at Arax TOTALLY inferior to Zankou's. I guess im just used to getting the near full pound of meat at Zankou. But amount aside, Arax's schwarma is dry and doesnt have nearly the amount of seasoning. What I do like about Arax is their falafel and tahini over Zankou. But Shawerma? NO WAY.