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which dim sum?

so i usually go to ocean star. i want to find a place that has the cha siu bao's that are good and steamed, as well as baked. i've read a few places that are "higher class" then ocean star, but i dont know if they have the cart service. please help me out!!! i want nice, i honestly dont care about service, (i dont expect much anyway) and i want carts and good food!

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  1. oh!!!! and i am in so pas, so somewhere not soooo far!?

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      Empress Pavillion....you couldn't be more than 8 miles from there on the 110 freeway. Maybe the same distance to Lee's Sandwiches in Alhambra?

    2. Empress Harbor in Monterey Park (right next to Ocean Star) is a great choice.

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          Empress Harbor has good baked bao, but overall their dim sum is not as good as Ocean Star (in terms of variety, quality and value). It is a nicer, 'classier' experience, but I actually enjoy the crowds at Ocean Star.

      1. yeah i dont mind the crowd, i just wanted to see if there's something else out there like ocean star.

        1. How about 888? It's the same idea as Ocean Star, but I find Ocean Star a little bit... well... run-down. It's on Valley Boulevard between Delta and Walnut Grove -- and from experience I can tell you it's not more than about a 20-minute drive from South Pas.

          And if you don't like it, you can just pop three doors down to Banh Mi Che Cali and get Vietnamese sandwiches that put Lee's Sandwiches to shame.

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            thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! i am going with my sunday dim sum people!!!

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              It isn't fancy, by any stretch -- but it's nicer than Ocean Star.

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              How does the variety at 888 compare to Ocean Star?

              I've been meaning to give 888 a try, but my car always follows the same wornout trail to Ocean Star.

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                The same to slightly better. The best variety I've seen is at NBC, though.

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                  I personally think 888 has better dim sum. The last time I was there, the specialty items didn't come out until about 10 AM. By that time, the restaurant was nearly full, but there was still room. Here's a mini-review:


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                  888 is really good. Some of the dumpling dough falls apart too easily but overall really good dimsum. And well priced too.
                  They don't have pricing placards on the tables which is a little unusual.

                3. so, 888 or NBC? i think i have been to NBC a long time ago, but i dont remember.

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                    888 is "nicer" than NBC but NBC has better selection. Don't go before 10 or 10:30 if you want the selection.

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                      My favorite thing to do at 888 - satisfying on so many levels - is to make the tripe cart lady stop at our table (which sometimes almost requires that I tackle her, since they seem to be programmed to walk right by pink people) and demand a bowl full, and then nod vigorously when she offers the pepper oil. At this point I am transformed from just another Gwailo to someone who's emphatically there for the food.

                      I've not been to NBC; we'll have to correct that.

                  2. I know I stand alone -- but I'm okay with that! -- I like Capital Seafood at Garvey and Atlantic, next to 99 Ranch Market and in the corner.

                    It just seems that they have enough variety that every dim sum experience there has its own personality. We have been there on Saturday mornings more than a dozen times. We rotate our visits here with 888, Din Tai Fung (for dumplings), Julienne's (not dim sum) and Ocean Seafood (dim sum). We have tried most of the other dim sum places, but they just don't maintain consistency for us. Some of them are quite good, but not on repeated visits.

                    Some of my favorites at Capital Seafood are their tofu wraps (sometimes with pork/seafood inside), their tapioca cups which are infused with chunks of fresh fruit, such as grapefruit and mango (when they have it), their almond tea with a pastry top, their vegetable dumplings, and their really delicious rice rolls (mini rice rolls with a sesame/soy sauce).

                    Capital Seafood
                    755 West Garvey Avenue
                    Monterey Park #626.282-3318
                    Enter the mall with the Shell Station