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Oct 11, 2006 01:51 AM

Guangzhou at Inman Sq.

Haven't eaten chinese in months. Any thoughts on this place?

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    1. I like to call this "ghetto" chinese. It's that greasy guilty pleasure cheap Chinese that's especially good if you've had a couple beers. ;) I've had it a few times. The house fried rice was surprisingly good. I also like the Peking ravioli. Warning though, it's WAY greasy (but so good when you're in the mood). Be sure to request no MSG. I don't eat the fried stuff but others have found that it hit the spot.

      1. Probably better to go up the street to Zoe's on Beacon Street in Somerville. It's a long walk or a short drive from Inman Square.

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          awesome, thanks.

          anything particulary good there?

          1. re: BOS_steve

            If you like spicy, the dry diced chicken with chili peppers is awesome. The scallion pancake is the best I've had. What's best about Zoe's, I think, is the cheap appetizer/side-dish type food on the "family style" menu. Zoe's menu is inconsistent so beware.