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Oct 11, 2006 01:48 AM

New Delicious Greek Restaurant in Highland Park!! PITHARI TAVERNA

Hello all! We just came home from dinner at Pithari Taverna!! How fabulous!!! I can't believe so far with these new restaurants we have been trying, they are all on the money! (Marmara to name one)

Anyway, the place is owned by the same people who own the Greek store right next door. It is a BYOB, but the Greek store sells fabulous Greek wine. (If you like Red, try AMETHYSTOS...$ 21.00 for the Milos in Manhattan it will cost you $ 80.00 per bottle.)

We both had souvlaki platters. Mine was with the lamb gyro meat and my husbands was the actually lamb cubes. Came with lettuce, red onion, tzataki sauce, pita, tomatoe and greek fries. Mine was $ 9.95 and his was $ 11.95. The place is beautiful. Dine inside or out. It was packed for a Tuesday night! (I know they just opened, but nice to see.)

It is an open kitchen, with 2 Greek men cooking. No room for dessert. (As always)

I can't beleive I found this place! Watch out 7 hills!!

Pithari Taverna
28 Woodbridge Avenue
Highland Park, NJ
(732) 572 - 0721

I think everyone would enjoy. Much better of a place than It's Greek to Me!

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  1. I went last night and was sadly pretty disappointed. Very crowded(not there fault however there could be a couple less tables in the place). 4 of us shared the greek spread appy,the grape leaves and then moussaka,chicken souvlaki platter and grilled calamari. The assorted spreads and the accompanying pita was very good but the mossaka was served luke warm and the calamari was chewy but tasty. Sadly they had none of the other fish offerings except for the callamari last night which was a disappointment as they looked appealing. Finally our waiter was surly and annoyed with us it seemed from the start.
    We all agreed we would be sticking with 7 hills of Istanbul from now on or the new Indian place in New Brunswick (just reviewed in NYT). Only offering counter point.

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      Pithari Taverna was reviewed in the "NY Times," on Sunday, April 8th. It received a rating of "Very Good." Here's the link:

    2. This place is great! The spinach pie was wonderful and salads quite tasty. My next trip will take me to the great looking and smelling grilled meats. While it would be perfect to have the liquor license as a bar, given the NJ laws this is better than the typical BYOB set up and frankly less expensive than if they served you direct. As with all new places, I am sure there are growing pains, thats life. Highland Park is becoming an outgrowth of the food center that has developed in New Brunswick with choices on all points of the spectrum. Adi: go back so that you can give it a fair shot.

      1. Another fabulous meal here on Thurs. night!! I must say though, the fried calamari appetizer was not up to par. It was chewy and not cooked through. Our dinners were great! My husband had the red snapper, very fresh and delish! I had the lamb souvlaki (again). Everything was great and I am please once again with the place!

        1. I went at lunchtime with two colleagues and the food was really good. The place was packed at 2PM on a Thursday afternoon. I had the whole grilled porgy which was on special and it was fab. Ditto for the octopus. Greek sausage was not a winner - just OK. There was a table of middle-aged guys drinking heavily and when one of them dropped his glass on the floor (it broke), a bunch of people throughout the restaurant yelled "Opa!".

          1. This place sounds great! I've been to a simliar-sounding place in Florida ( Taverna Opa in Ft Lauderdale), and I've been missing it ever since we left. Do you know if they have gift certificates? Is it within walking distance to any other points of interest/shopping? How far from downtown New Brunswick?

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              I am not sure if they have gift certificates, and no, it is not in walking distance from downtown N.B. It is probably 5 miles from downtown. I think you will really enjoy it, Alycia.

              Have fun!!

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                It is not far from downtown New Brunswick: from the train station in NB to Taverna it is a little over a mile. (indeed some commuters walk to the train from the area, though the bus does go down the street - Route 27): there are a number of shops in downtown Highland Park.