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Who do you think are NY's top chefs?

please post in ranking order

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  1. Jean Georges
    Mario Batali
    Daniel Boulud

    1. Eric Ripert

      He's done some amazing things with the menu at Le Bernardin.

      1. Eric Ripert- This guy can do things with fish and seafood like no one else.

        1. falai

          1. Dante Boccuzzi (Aureole)
            David Bouley

              1. Eric Ripert
                Daniel Bouloud
                David Bouley
                Mario Batali (with some caveats about attitude and his obsession with offal)

                and, of the new guys, Wylie Dufresne, although I don't think he will truly find his voice for another few years.

                - Sean

                1. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Daniel Humm. In my estimation, definitely a star in the making, if not already.

                  1. Defintely Ripert, Bouley, Batali, and Boulud.

                    Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune.

                    Masa Takayama.

                    Both Dan Barber and Anita Lo are amazingly talented.

                    (although i haven't eaten at Kurt Gutenbrunner's Wallse, wd-50, Per Se, or Cafe Grey)

                    i'm surprised no one's mentioned the arepa lady.

                    1. Tom Colicchio has had a tremendous impact on American cooking.

                      1. Anita Lo - brilliant, brilliant food.

                        1. Thomas Keller!? Or are we discluding chefs who had a previous restaurant in another state. If not Thomas Keller then I would have to say Boulud... then JG (who had his first restaurant in another country). Of course I am speaking within the context of classic French preparational methods.

                          1. Jonathan Waxman (full disclosure--I just finished writing a cookbook with him).

                            Tom Colicchio is astounding.

                            So is Bill Telepan.

                            And I'm crazy about Laurent Tourondel.

                            1. JGV
                              Mario Batali
                              Daniel Boulud
                              David Bouley
                              Scott Connant
                              Eric Ripert
                              Wylie Dufresne