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Oct 11, 2006 01:06 AM

3 days in West Hollywood, 2 days in Hollywood

Will be in LA for a conference. Coming the weekend before and staying in West Hollywood (Chamberlain). Then moving to the conference hotel in Hollywood (Renaissance). Would love some recommendations (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Won't have a car, but don't mind taking a taxi a reasonable distance. I don't mind spending money for something special, but hate places that are heavy on attitude without commensurate food. Love ethnic dives of all kind, and anything else that has a fun atmosphere (but not sacrificing food quality). Any thoughts?

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  1. The Restaurant at the Getty on Friday or Saturday night.

    You can find good restaurants anywhere, but dining at the Getty is a memorable only-in-Los-Angeles night out.

    1. Would definitely suggest Ammo on Highland. You can walk from there. You can also go to Magnolia's on Sunset. (short cab ride) Nice intimate vibe. Decent food and reasonable prices. The Hungry Cat on Vine and Sunset. (also a short cab ride) Love the salmon and manhattan chowder there.

      1. I stayed at the Renaissance just before Labor Day and had limited time for eating, but was very happy I went to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and Musso and Frank, both within a mile of the hotel. For snacks go to Famima just around the corner from the hotel and for a quick meal, Skooby's hot dogs not too much further down Hollywood Blvd. My one regret was missing Mashti Malone for ice cream.

        Search for Hollywood for several posts in mid August with many other recs.

        1. Hungry Cat, no question.

          1. From the Chamberlain, walking distance = (w)

            Breakfast / Lunch:
            Doughboys 3rd,
            Toast on 3rd
            Eat Well on Santa Monica. (w)
            Griddle Cafe (w) not my favorite but everyone seems to love it.
            Champagnes on Santa Monica (w)
            Hugo's (w)

            Absolutely Phobulous on La Cienega
            Yabu on La Cienega also dinner
            Real Food Daily on La Cienega

            Jinpachi on Santa Monica (w) also lunch
            Norman's on Sunset (w)
            AOC on 3rd
            Wa Sushi on La Cienega (w) not my favorite either but close and decent.

            Pick up snacks, water, and other things at Famima (w)