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Oct 11, 2006 01:05 AM

Saturday Night dinner between Manchester, NH airport and Newport, NH

We're driving from the Manchester airport to Newport, NH Saturday night around 9 pm after a long plane ride from Oakland.
We'll be stiff, dazed, jet-lagged, and full of Southwest Air's peanuts.
Any advice on a pleasant easy-to-find restaurant enroute? Something not too heavy in a quiet place would be nice.

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  1. Your best bet will be to eat in or around Manchester as most places beyond the city tend to close pretty early. Check out Cotton, Richard's Bistro, Piccola Italia, C.R. Sparks, Bedford Village Inn. The Highlander Inn is on the way out of the airport complex--the restaurant is called Basil's and is supposed to be pretty good. The Airport Diner on Brown Ave leading to the highway is more casual.

    1. I thought there would be more responses to your request. The restaurants whs are very nice. Make sure you eat before you leave the Manchester area since your route via rt 89 takes off before you get to Concord and there won't be anything near the highway that will be open along rt 89 that I can think of. If you don't mind chains, take rt 101 west and get off in Bedford. It will be the next exit after the one for Concord/Rt 293. You will pass an Outback and a TJ Bones. We liked TJ Bones but haven't been in a few years. At the fork, bear to the right. There's some fast food places. At the intersection where a right will take you over the bridge to downtown Manchester, there's an Applebee's in a small strip plaza. You can get back on Rt 293 just past the intersection. If you head on rt 101 east, take the next exit after you get on. The Mall of NH and several restaurant chains are to your right. If you go left there's a Cactus Jacks, Friendly's (mostly ice cream and slow service) and a variety of chains and fast food. This is South Willow Street. If you continue on in this direction watch for signs to rt 293. If you haven't found anything to your liking, take a right onto Elm St (Manchester's main street). Traffic will be thinning out a little by 9pm but South Willow is very congested. I haven't been to the Airport Diner but that or the Highlander sound like a good idea so you can eat and get on the road.