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Oct 11, 2006 12:30 AM

Dissapointed with supposidly fine wine

Had a nide dinned where the host serves a 95 Opus one and it was "hot" - too much alcohol, tasted green- What could I say,The host is my fiancee's boss>?

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  1. Have never tasted an Opus One that came close to knocking my socks off. One of California's most overrated wines (assuming it hasn't improved radically in recent vintages, that is; the last I tasted was the 1997).

    1. Are you asking what you should have said to the host? Or just mentioning your disappointing experience with this high prcied wine? If it is the former, the answer is NOTHING.

      1. what could you say? Thank you should suffice.

        1. I agree - you can't actually say anything......good to know I'm not alone in thinking this wine never lives up to the hype! L'Aventure Optimus or Stolpman Angeli are much better wines.

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            During New York Wine Week, Cite restaurant used to offer Opus One on Monday as part of the 10-wines-for-$10 deal. Sometimes they'd even have multiple vintages so you could do a little vertical tasting. I always liked to go to Cite on these Mondays just to remind myself of how overrated high-end California cabs can be. If I tasted these wines blind and was told that they were $15 mass-market cabs, I'd say, yeah, not bad, and feel no inclination to rush out and buy them.

          2. Opus One is what I call a restaurant sucker wine. It was made for the restaurant wine list and is purchased by those who are impressed by and have more money than wine knowledge.

            While in a good year, it can be very good (the 1996 and 1997 for example), the 1995 Opus One was not a very good wine, even for Opus One. I think Wine Spectator gave it a rating of 82 points. If I remember correctly only the 1981 and 1984s got a worse score. As to what could you say, exactly what you did, nothing.