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Oct 11, 2006 12:09 AM

Recs.for Reasonable Philly Rests. this weekend

Looking for reasonably priced restaurants with pleasant ambience and well prepared american/continental cuisine in the vicinity of the Holiday Inn-4100 Presidential Blvd. and/ or North 20th Street. Have picky eaters that prefer a menu that includes simply prepared grilled salmon or chicken and is no more than about $16 per entree. Visiting Temple U. and want to have a nice dinner Sat. nite. Have a car, or would take a cab, if you rec. an area/restaurant that we should not miss when visiting Philly. Do not want formal, could be dressy casual. Thanks!

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  1. I would go somewhere other than the City Line area (Presidential Blvd.). There is nothing there worth exploring. You may have a problem with the $16 per entree requirement but there are a lot of resourceful posters here and I'm sure you will get some good suggestions.

    1. What about Prime Rib? I know it is more expensive then I plan but its okay

      1. Don't go to Prime Rib - if you are visiting Temple to check out a college, go someplace interesting, like Manyunk, which is just across the river from where you are staying (follow signs for Ridge Ave. West and then take the left fork to Main St.). One inexpensive place with plenty of menu options on Main St. is Le Bus. Great bread.

        1. Is Delmonicos on City Line in the Hilton any good? They may be out of the ballpark on the entree price.

          Also, just off City Line (make a right onto 23 and a left onto Bala Ave) is the cute little area in Bala with a few restaurants. Chef Charin looks good. but I don't know about the atmosphere. It seems a bit more exotic than what you are after.

          BUT, and if you dont' make the left and just continue STRAIGHT onto Montgomery (23 turns into Montgomery) there is a Tavern right in Bala Cynwyd This looks EXACTLY like what you are interested in. Straight forward American food, entrees around $16 and nice atmosphere.

          Make sure to let us know how it goes!