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Oct 11, 2006 12:04 AM

Bratwurst btwn Chi and Milwaukee

I'm a California (LA) Hound who will be driving up to Milwaukee for the day. I'm looking for a place serving brats either on the way or in Milwaukee. I'm well aware that Sheboygan is bratwurst nirvana as I've visited there before. It makes no difference what kind of place it is -- dives are fine by me -- as long as they are serving up some righteous brats.

Also, is the Milwaukee Public Market worth visiting?

Finally, we'll be stopping at Kopp's. Any flavor recommendations?

Thank you very much.

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  1. The "World Famous" Brat Stop is right off of I-94 a few miles after you have crossed the state line into Wisconsin.

    I am not enough of a brat connoisseur to tell you if the brats are especially good, and there are lots of other things on the menu. I think that the place is kind of a kick. Its huge (a lot of formerly big rock bands play there) and has an attached cheese shoppe. A fun Wisconsin experience.

    See this discussion on Brat Stop:

    1. Tenuta's Deli, Kenosha

      1. The Miwaukee Public Market is definitely worth a stop, and as a life-long eater of bratwurst, I have always enjoyed the Brat Stop. And it is certainly convenient from the highway.

        1. I agree - hit the brat shop in Kenosha WI. It is about a block West of the freeway as you are heading North. It is a strange place. I went down there for a combined Chicago-Milwaukee guitar show, and sold a guitar amp that I had bought for $14.00 for $370.00. I walked out of the ballroom, into the restaurant, and had a brat. I like the ones I make myself better, but it was pretty good.

          If you want to make your own brats, you need pork, veal, nutmeg, mace and salt. Most brats today do not include veal. Too bad.

          1. You can't really plan on a flavor at Kopp's unless you're flexible about which day you go -- they have two flavors of the day and then always have chocolate and vanilla. See for the flavor schedule for the month. Last time I was up that way I had the tiramisu and it was excellent -- coming next on October 21st.