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Oct 11, 2006 12:00 AM

Hawaiian snacks/pop corn


Is there a shop in NYC that sells Hawaiian inspired snacks? I just recently learned that there is a type of popcorn in Hawaii that includes the roasted seaweed and rice crackers mixed up in it. I'm wondering if there is a shop here in NYC where I can buy this?



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  1. Several years ago a friend of mine offered me some from a baggie... she'd bought the "popcorn seasoning" from a store and just tossed it with her popcorn. Don't know if its more widely available now since it has been several years, but probably worth looking into.

    1. Trader Joes sells big bag of assorted rice crackers (seaweed is in some of the assortment)...however it's not popcorn.

      1. i realize you're seeking a local shop but if all else fails try ordering from

        They have a whole range of Hawaiian food and snacks but my fave is their Betty's Best chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies