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Oct 10, 2006 11:57 PM

Delessio Opening a Branch on Broderick & Fell - Nov. 1

I guess I'm a chowhound even when it's the furthest thing from my mind. We had just finished doing 2 weeks food shopping at the produce store on Divis. in the Haight that I liked so much (K& J?) - about 10 bags for $70. (Organic oranges - 3# for $1.99, heirloom tomats $1.99#, onions .29#) and were rushing to Kaiser ICU where my mother in law is the star patient - when, on Broderick south of Fell, I spy rushing by the side, what? The distinctive red and yellow Delessio sign.

When we got home, with a very negative review of the Kaiser cafeteria fresh in my mind, I had to call Delessio on Market and ask some questions. Here's the deal: November first Delessio is opening Delessio Market on the east side of Broderick, south of Fell.

No table service, but all the items sold at the Market Street location will be available, plus an extensive expansion of cheeses and deli items for take-out.

My only remaining question: why the odd no-man's-land location? Is there any foot traffic on that block whatsoever? I don't think so...

For details:

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  1. It won't be a no-man's land for long, the loved & cherished Falletti's will be reborn in that location (and the angels sing!) I'm expecting a huge built-in fan base of everyone who loved the old Falletti's on Masonic.

    1. Here's a link to Celeste's update last month on what's going on with the Falletti's complex and Delessio. Apparently the new Delessio won't have any seating inside.

      1. As others have said, this will be associated with the replacement Falletti's grocery store.

        Does anyone have an update on when the store will open? I remember it was slated for October, and here we are 1/3 through the month...

        1. The neighborhood is thriving right now. New restaurants on Divisaghetto and little cafes on Fulton. Living in the neighborhood, I am very excited about Patrick's decision to have this be his second location. It will do very well, save us having to go to Cole Valley's Boulange for a decent pastry.