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Oct 10, 2006 11:55 PM

Tahini Grill in Santa Rosa Closed


This is one of the (many) reasons I regret moving to Santa Rosa. The crash and burn of the mid-priced but excellent restaurant. I loved the Tahini Grill. Excellent mezzes. Excellent kabobs. Excellent everything. Seductive belly dancers even.

I was to join some friends there for dinner about two weeks ago. I got there first and the place was being torn apart. I spoke with one of the workers who turned out to be the person who is planning to open a new restaurant at the site sometime this month. From his description, it sounded a bit over-concocted. Updated Mediterranean with contemporary yadda-yadda and so forth. But I will of course give it a try.

There is no joy in Mudville.

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  1. I hate to say this, but this post made me kind of happy. A couple years back I almost moved to Santa Rosa, but was offered a better job in Oakland just in the nick of time. Glad I'm here.

    Sorry Snarkygirl.

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    1. re: Hunicsz

      I just moved up from West L.A.... and while finding go-to-places is a little bit of a challenge... I have no regrets. Yesterday... I drove up through Calistoga & Clearlake to get to a prospect in the Sacramento area.... you don't get that in the city.

    2. No joy at all. The trail has turned cold again. You see, the last sighting of Chef Vahit Besir was at Tahini Grill. He was the founder of Real Gyro, which closed, then reopened, and then went downhill when he left. He started up Anatolia, then left after opening day. Where will he resurface now? Please keep your eyes open.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I will, Melanie. I worry about Chef Besir. He left Tahini Grill as well, about two months ago or so. I knew him from Real Gyro as well and was exposed to the Anatolia fiasco the day after he left.


        1. re: snarkygirl

          I even asked the Turkish chef at Sahara in SF last week if he knew where he was! Is Anatolia any good these days?


      2. Melanie,

        I always preferred Tahini Grill to Anatolia. I feel that Anatolia is good as in average, while Tahini Grill's prep was a cut above. However, it is reliable and likeable. In fact, it's where we went the night we were discovered TG had closed.

        With the demise of TG, I'm sure I'll be going to Anatolia more frequently.

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        1. re: snarkygirl

          Are you talking about Anatolia in Santa Rosa on 4th st?......because that closed down a couple months ago. I was distraught because it was one of my FAVORITE lunch spots. The had amazing gyros, salads, hummus....everything! And it was so reasonably priced. I would love to find another spot like that.

          1. re: misscotati

            I too am waiting for good middle eastern food. Here's a recent review of what's available.

            1. re: Stephanie Sugars

              What about the Pita Cafe in Rohnert Park -- any reports there? I picked up a menu on a Portuguese Bakery Run - but the Owner was kind of overbearing and it was empty. There seems to be a Persian grocery across the street called Saul's Produce. This is near by La Plaza Garibaldi - another place Ive been meaning to get to on sunday for lamb

        2. So true! I just moved here from the eastbay and I am truly frustrated by the lack of delicious, mid-priced fare. Where do the locals go?? Applebee's?? Uggh...

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          1. The original comment has been removed