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Oct 10, 2006 11:52 PM

Cupcakes for cocktail party

About 40 of my friends gather once a month to enjoy cocktails during a bar's happy hour and three of us are in charge of bringing one or two dozen cupcakes. So far, I've made devil's food cake and ginger cupcakes. Both were great but I think the ginger went better with cocktails.

Does anyone have any ideas for cupakes that go well with cocktails? If you have any ideas or recipes to share, I would greatly appreciate your input!

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  1. It sortof depends on what you're mixing. I think it would be really fun to make cupcakes/muffins inspired by specific drinks -- like "cosmo" muffins with cranberry... or "tom collins" sweet lemon muffins... or margarita, or daquiri or even pina colado (yum) inspired muffins with the relevant fruits added?

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    1. re: Adrienne

      along those lines, little cheese muffins would go great with martinis.

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            wow! did you see the caramel apple cupcake? That's a cute idea for a halloween party. I wonder how it tastes, holds up, etc. The author admits they're hard to eat.

            1. re: danna

              You know, I read this blog frequently but I haven't tried a thing. Those caramel apple cupcakes are really cute!

          2. I think that lemon or lime goes w/ a variety of cocktails. I'm envisioning lemon cupcakes w/ a thin layer of cream cheese frosting topped w/ one lemondrop (the hard candy) for cutesy factor.

            Off-topic, but do you go to the same bar that allows you to bring in these cupcakes or is it a different bar each month? Just curious...

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              The first few times we went to one bar but then our party got a little too big. We moved to a different bar where one of the hosts is very chummy with the bartenders. We always have the cupcake party start early in the evening and in the middle of the week so it's never been a problem to bring in our own food.

            2. How about cheesecake muffins with a bit of herbs, light pesto or bits of sun-dried tomatoe folded in? Something savory.

              Also, salty goes well with cocktails, so I'm thinking, nuts sprinkled on top or bits of pretzel..

              The the cupcake/bar idea!