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Oct 10, 2006 11:38 PM

doctored up bite sized desserts

We are arranging food for an event next week for around 125 people. Because I cannot bake with wheat (allergy) I just want something we can either buy or buy it baked and doctor it up.

Ideally I would like something that is not "same old same old" (e.g. Costco cookies on a plate) and the budget probably doesn't allow going to a local pastry shop and getting small tarlets, etc.

I was thinking of getting bite sized blondies and brownies from a local store and pouring flavored ganache on the brownies and a flavored glaze.

Ideas for flavoring or other doctored up bite sized desserts? I love cardamom and chocolate and pomegranate glaze, but perhaps too foreign for general use?

We are in the bay area (peninsula)

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  1. If you're willing to do a bit of prep yourself, why not see if your favourite bakery will bake your favourite tart(s) in a large, square "sheet", which you can then cut into bite-sized squares (or any other shape with a cookie cutter) yourself? This should work nicely, provided the filling is firm, rather than runny. May be more economical that way, and less work than pouring ganache over a few hundred bit-sized brownies!

    Other ideas for doctoring brownies though:
    - fruit or berries adhered with a drop of pastry cream (strawberry or raspberry on brownies would be great)
    - edible flower
    - sprig of mint poked into brownie, lavender or strip of candied ginger on blondie