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Oct 10, 2006 11:36 PM

New Yorker SUPER FOODIE Needs Recs.

New to L.A. via Manhattan - work transfer :( . Where can I get some good ethnic food around the city? I'm a super foodie whose been around the world and MUST be impressed. What's Up L.A?

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  1. First of all, start listening to the Good Food podcasts on KCRW ( Start reading Jonathan Gold's Counter Intelligence article in the LA Weekly ( For the best tacos, read the blog

    LA is filled with ethnic food but, unlike Manhattan, you might have to drive 30-60 minutes to get the best of the best.

    1. Some of the best Asian ethnic foods - including, but not limited to, Chinese (Szechuan, Canton, Hunan, etc.), Taiwanese, Vietnamese, et. al - found in San Gabriel Valley/Monterey Park.

      Korean BBQ and tofu houses found in or near Koreatown.

      Many people enjoy Thai food in the Wat Thai temple...

      1. Find a local coffee shop with WiFi, buy a large cup o' joe, hunker down with your laptop, boot up Chowhound's LA board and read up ...

        From a Queens native ... welcome to LA!

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          The two strongest offerings are obviously from LA's biggest immigrant communities. Those of the various cuisines of Mexico/Central America & the various cuisines of China.

        2. Let's see -- I live in the Valley (the Brooklyn of LA) so most of these will be up here, but they're generally cheap and all great.

          Pho 999 or Pho So 1 (Van Nuys)
          Quan Hy (Westminster)
          Nha Hang My Hanh (South El Monte)
          S Vietnamese Fine Dining (Westminster)
          Banh Mi Che Cali (Rosemead, Westminster)
          Vinh Loi Tofu (Reseda)

          CHINESE -- ask Jerome for better recs, he's much better than I
          China Islamic (Monterey Park)
          Sin Ba La Taiwanese (Arcadia)
          Din Tai Fung (Arcadia)
          NBC Seafood for dim sum (Monterey Park)
          Malan Noodles (Hacienda Heights)

          Soot Bull Jeep (Koreatown)
          Sa Rit Gol (Koreatown)
          Chosun Galbee (Koreatown)
          Beverly Soon Tofu (Koreatown)
          Sokongdong (Koreatown)
          Sagan (Buena Park)
          Seoul Grindz (Glendale)
          Ka-San (La Crescenta)

          Honda-Ya (Tustin)
          Shinsengumi (Torrance, Gardena, Fountain Valley)
          Daichan (Studio City - not the kaiten sushi place)
          Santouka Ramen (Torrance)
          Hakata Ramen (Torrance, Fountain Valley)
          Gyu-Kaku (Sherman Oaks)

          Urasawa (Beverly Hills)
          Tama (Studio City)
          Asanebo (Studio City)
          Nozawa (Studio City)
          Hide (West LA)

          Wat Thai (North Hollywood, weekend lunches only)
          Thai Nakorn (Garden Grove)
          Yai (Thai Town)
          Krua (North Hollywood, West Covina)
          Swan (North Hollywood)
          Sanamluang (Thai Town, North Hollywood)
          Bua Siam (North Hollywood)
          Sri Siam (North Hollywood)
          Ayara (Westchester)

          Ambala Dhaba (Artesia)
          Woodlands (Artesia, Chatsworth)
          India Sweets & Spices (Canoga Park, West LA)

          To be continued...

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Oh man, I'm from here and I need to try a few of these. Bravo