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Oct 10, 2006 11:26 PM

Large Group - Quality Appetizers and Drinks

I am contemplating throwing a 40th birthday party and inviting 30 people or thereabouts. It is my opinion that San Francisco is not the kind of town that has a lot of restaurants that cater to large groups. That said, I am looking for recommendations for a place that might accomodate a large group for drinks and heavy appetizers. Any suggestions? I am not looking to do this at a hotel or anything along those lines.

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  1. We are having my husband's birthday party @ Sparrow on California across from Grace Catheral. They have several size rooms, do not charge for the room, only require X number of dollars spent on food and drink for each size room. They are very easy to work with, have $9.00 valet parking, and wonderful food. Not cheap, but not over the top either.

    Molly, the event person, is very good to work with.

    1. Thristy Bear has a private party area. Not sure if it costs any more (don't think so) or how big the party has to be. Worth calling however. Of course they serve tapas which are basically heavy appetizers.

      1. If you're willing to go to the East Bay, A Cote on College would be perfect, it's lots of small plates and excellent drinks, and they have a big room in the back that you might be able to reserve.

        1. For my husband's 40th birthday later this month, I've rented the Mexican Bus -- -- which we are going to use to careen (with 30 of his best friends) around the city from one chow-ish location to the next! We're very excited...

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            that Mexican Bus idea sounds great - do you know where you'll be going? i think i may have seen those things around the city and always assumed they were full of homeless. Anyways, does anybody know anything about the rooms at Foreign Cinema for a medium sized gathering for drinks and some appetizers?

            1. re: poulet_roti

              We're still working out the details -- Tommy's for margaritas, Mitchell's, Little Star, In'n Out for a 40x40 & a taco truck are some of the places currently on the list.

              You're supposed to give them a schedule and let the desitnation places know you're coming. The Mexican Bus people are happy to work with you to identify places to go. And during the event, the driver will take instruction from ONE assigned person.

              1. re: larochelle

                So I think I saw one of those Mexican Buses on the road today - interesting indeed. Actually, while I like and appreciate the idea, I don't think thats going to be the answer for this party. Like your husband, I'll be celebrating my 40th as well to come up with a decent venue and prefer not to be jumping in and out of a bus. Thanks again.