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New Lay's sunflower oil potato chips

This "improvement" has really affected the taste of Lay's potato chips -- FOR THE WORST.
Anybody out there agree? Their decision reminds me of the Classic Coke fisco some years ago when THEY changed THEIR recipe without telling anyone first. BAD IDEA!! Please, Frit-O-Lay, go back to the original, or at least come back out with it as a choice among all their other flavors. What say you?

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  1. I find the taste delicate and not all that different from the original. And I can hardly object to the company's doing away with saturated fat in its products. Much as I agree that it is generally best to leave classic, well-loved products alone, in this case I think the change is positive.

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      I really like the sunflower oil Lay's...a decided improvement over the old ones. For a while in my area, you could get the Lay's Naturals made with sunflower oil or the regular old "whatever" oil chips. I always bought the Naturals when given a choice, and I'm happy that the sunflower oil prevailed in the end.

    2. Do you mean they changed their "regular" recipe? That's too bad. The twice a year I bought a bag of chips (single serving) it was Lay's classic.

      1. I totally agree with you Raci570. I just bought a bag not even knowing about the switch, and I detected a bitter taste even through the onion dip. I loved the old Lays, but I will probably switch to Wise now.

        1. I agree that I can't taste much of a difference in sunflower vs. original. And I don't think there's much to the "recipe" - it's literally potatoes, oil and salt, just a different kind of oil. Agree with lvecch - taste change is minimal (if at all) and it's a good change if it's no sat fat.

          1. i buy these for my husband on a regular basis and he doesnt even know theres a change.

            1. I agree. I bought a bag at my local deli near my office - and I noticed the after taste right away. I went there again today and noticed Ruffles has started doing the same thing. So much for Ruffles. Hopefully Doritos & Cheetos won't change. If they do - I might have to start snacking on cardboard.

              1. I don't think they eliminated the regular Lay's. They're still available in my store at least, or is that just the remaining batch of Lay's Classics?

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                  If you have the old formula, you might want to check the pull date on the bag.

                2. I did not notice any taste difference in the "classic" Lays. In fact, I wish they would do something to make them LESS tasty!

                  1. Just got a small bag to try for lunch since we've been having this discussion. They definitely taste different: there's a distinct sunflower oil taste and they're also possibly a bit saltier?

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                      Lay's have always been very salty.

                    2. Sunflower oil in Lays Chips, thats all of them, makes them way less crisp, to the point of soggy, weak, after chewing them awhile, it fills like I got mush in my mouth. Chips fryed in sunflower oil, will cause them to get rancid very fast, Saturated fat slow that process way down..

                      The only reason they changed to this stuff, is because of them Hydrogenting the unsaturated oils. But people have been eating, the real name, hydrogenated Vegatable oil, ever since Olio or margine has came out. The Industry has been hydrogenating oil since 1945, what it does is make the oil thicker and harder. The thinner the margine, the less the saturated fat. Where they came up with the word Trans Fats, to me is just a cover up. Saturated fats prevents rancidity, and gives the chips a longer life.

                      The U.S. Yearbook of Agriculture 1959, a excellent book on food, and should be reprinted, had a strong article on this, and back then they should of gone after the companies producing margine, yes it was made out of corn oil, which was unsaturated, but then they hydrogrnated the oil and turned it into a solid brick of saturated fat! You get beautiful red apples from Washington State, that are as hard as a rock, why are they red? When they ship them they are gased with Nitrogen gas, which turns them from green to red, isn't that nice. It's time these companies start suporting the consumer, than the wants of Management. I just got some Doritos, and they wern't crisp, were greasy, soggy, and didn't smell that great. I will call Frito-lay tomorrow and give them my comments, and they will replace them with a coupon or two. I can't figure out these companies, if it isn't broke, Don't fix it!

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                        Nothing like a freebe to make everything Ok!