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Oct 10, 2006 10:32 PM

New Lay's sunflower oil potato chips

This "improvement" has really affected the taste of Lay's potato chips -- FOR THE WORST.
Anybody out there agree? Their decision reminds me of the Classic Coke fisco some years ago when THEY changed THEIR recipe without telling anyone first. BAD IDEA!! Please, Frit-O-Lay, go back to the original, or at least come back out with it as a choice among all their other flavors. What say you?

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  1. I find the taste delicate and not all that different from the original. And I can hardly object to the company's doing away with saturated fat in its products. Much as I agree that it is generally best to leave classic, well-loved products alone, in this case I think the change is positive.

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      I really like the sunflower oil Lay's...a decided improvement over the old ones. For a while in my area, you could get the Lay's Naturals made with sunflower oil or the regular old "whatever" oil chips. I always bought the Naturals when given a choice, and I'm happy that the sunflower oil prevailed in the end.

    2. Do you mean they changed their "regular" recipe? That's too bad. The twice a year I bought a bag of chips (single serving) it was Lay's classic.

      1. I totally agree with you Raci570. I just bought a bag not even knowing about the switch, and I detected a bitter taste even through the onion dip. I loved the old Lays, but I will probably switch to Wise now.

        1. I agree that I can't taste much of a difference in sunflower vs. original. And I don't think there's much to the "recipe" - it's literally potatoes, oil and salt, just a different kind of oil. Agree with lvecch - taste change is minimal (if at all) and it's a good change if it's no sat fat.

          1. i buy these for my husband on a regular basis and he doesnt even know theres a change.