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Oct 10, 2006 09:54 PM

Good eats near Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington

I'll be staying at the Royal Garden for 4 nights.

I've planned to go to the River Cafe one night but have no other plans.

Any recommendations for that area? Looking for elegant and/or down and dirty greatness. Just not touristy...


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  1. Kensington Place and the Notting Hill Brasserie are some good, elegant choices close by.
    For a more chill out, relaxed, easy on the wallet choice close by there's Mohsen and Balans too.

    1. I think Launceston (sp?) Place is relatively nearby. I think of it as an elegant, traditional restaurant.

      1. I ate at Kensington Place a year or so ago and would not call it 'elegant.' But the price is right, and the food was prepared well. I'd head over to the South Kensington area and have a good French meal at La Bouchee or if you want to really splurge, the restaurant in Blake's Hotel is superb.