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Oct 10, 2006 09:40 PM

Best LA Chocolatier?

I'm thinking deep, dark chocolates. Have a serious craving. I seem to remember a place on Beverly or Melrose with some interesting combinations (green tea dark chocolate...).


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  1. Sounds like you're thinking of the excellent Picholine at 3360 W 1st St (just east of Virgil).

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      Actually, the name of that chocolate shop on 1st St is L'Artisan du Chocolat. Their website is and if you'd like to see pics of events that I organized with them, see below:

      Chocolate and Wine Pairings

      Chocolate Tasting

      Of all the chocolate shops that I've visted so far and those shops include K Chocolatier, Chocolate Box Cafe, Chocolatt...from Belgium, L'Artisan du Chocolat is my favorite place for chocolates. They make all their chocolates onsite and I love the variety of flavors they offer, everything from lavendar to kalamata olive, from pave noir to apricot and chili, etc. Their truffles dusted in cocoa powder are also divine. I love their creaminess and how they just melt in your mouth.

      Of course, I still have to make my way to Compartes and Boule, but for now, L'Artisan du Chocolat does it for me.


    2. I am a big fan of Comparte's on Barrington in Brentwood. Not only is everything I've tasted completely amazing but all the chocolates are beautifully decorated and make really special gifts. Jonathan, the owner/chocolatier helped me put together a bunch of two truffle favors for my grandma's 80th birthday party and everyone raved. Try the lemon truffle; I can't go in there without having at least a few...

      1. Second COMPARTES. Not only will you satisfy your dark chocolate cravings, you'll also get an assortment of novel or exotic flavors, and chocolate-covered fruits.

        1. How about K Chocolatier on Little SMB in BH - handmade

          1. Well, I haven't been there, but I hear that a new restaurant in Manhattan Beach called Coco Noche has homemade chocolates that are good. Although their website is still in the early stages, it might be informative: