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Oct 10, 2006 09:30 PM

Bar for after-work shindig with food in East Village?

Would anyone be able to provide a suggestion for a fun bar to go in the East Village that serves food? We will be going midweek, after work with a small (but committed) group of late 20 - early 30 somethings.

Likes: good food (obvs), good bartender, good indie/eclectic rock or jazzy lounge music in the background

Dislikes: B&T, top 40 and hip-hop at excruciating volumes, food limited to cheese stix and hot dogs

We usually hang out in sort of divey spots like HiFi, 119, Black and White, 7B, etc. But the food thing has us a bit thrown. And we might want something a bit more upscale. Is Blue Owl ok?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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  1. mo pitkins might work - but that's coming from a 40-something!

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    1. re: harrison

      Not a bad idea actually. Do you know if it gets an after-work crowd?

      Anyone else?

    2. Went to Blue Owl for the first time last week. Was thrilled to finally check it out but the bartender was NOT nice. It was Happy Hour and I sat alone at the bar - had one (delicious) specialty cocktail for $5(!). I will give it another shot but be prepared to be served up some attitute with your cucumber-infused gin. The food menu looked good.

      1. Anyone else have experience with Blue Owl during Happy Hour? Good, bad, or indiffferent?

        1. You could give Sunburnt Cow (the Australian themed bar) on Ave C a shot. Bartenders are friendly. They have decent to very good food (very good burger, plus fish dishes, not all just fried junk), fun custom shots and drinks, and a good vibe. Can get a little crazy on weekends with college-type (I don't think B&T, but could be) crowd, but during the week it's pretty solid.