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Oct 10, 2006 09:24 PM

Mostly Four Corners, Newton

Thought I'd post a little update about food options mostly in the Four Corners part of Newton.

First, I noticed that they're turning the defunct Red Sauce into a restaurant serving Japanese and Korean BBQ.. Lots of noisy construction going on inside. I really hope the food turns out to be good. After all, how many mediocre Americanized Asian places does one little intersection need?

Got some sweets from Diamond Bakery, even though the vaguely sawdust-smelling store interior worried me. Both the yeasty cinnamon twist and the whoopee pie were fresh but had that veggie oil texture/taste. Also, I like my whoopee pies to be moist and unavoidably squishy and this wasn't. Counter servers were really sweet and the prices are low, so it's a shame the quality's off.

Since the farmer's market at Cold Springs Park was running today, I poked around there too. What a glorious bounty of fall produce! Tons of squashes, beans, peppers (two big reds for $1), eggplant, fresh cranberries, raspberries, tomatoes (pint of cherries for $2) - as well as fish, meat and mushrooms.

While not in Four Corners, Lincoln Street Café, which opened about a year ago a couple doors down from Bakers Best deservedly appears to be thriving. So great to have an indie coffee joint in a city overrun by Peet's and Starbucks. The people there are ultra nice and the atmosphere encourages lingering.

Finally, I saw that the sign for the Asian bakery that has been "Coming Soon!" on Langley by the Newton Center T stop is gone, so I guess the project ran out of steam. Quite a letdown since I've been looking forward to it for months.

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  1. Guess if you consider Bakers Best to be in four corners you should add Le Soir, just changed ownernership but the food is still good, service is great but it's a bit pricey, however, given there aren't many choices around it's good for a special night.

    Ever go up onto Washington Street? A lot more interesting options up there, Blue Ribbon BBQ, Lams (quite a gem I think), with great Thai/Cambodian food, really friendly service.

    Hard to imagine Japanese Korean BBQ being to exciting, maybe we will presently surprised. That location hasn't done anyone any favors recently.

    1. I believe the new asian place going in where Red Sauce used to be (and before that, Naked Fish, and before that... Cappacino's?) is by the same people who own Misono (on the VFW Parkway in the little mini mall next to Bertucci's and Blockbusters). We eat there often for good sushi and korean dishes like Ok Dol Bi Bim Bap. They don't have BBQ at that location. I think Misono also has a stall at the eatery of Super 88 in Allston. I haven't been there.

      Diamond Bakery has also been there for about 100 years (well, at least 30+) and it is a kosher pareve bakery so they don't use any butter or milk products in their breads and pastries.
      Certain things translate better to that style of cooking. Breads are usually good, but flakey pastries may not be one of them due to vegetable shortening rather than butter.

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        I really miss Diamond Deli, which used to be next store. A good deli and breakfast place. They used to give free sweet from the bakery with your salami and eggs!

      2. There is a great, relatively new, wine shop in Four Corners - Vino Devino. It is very small, but with wines at most, if not all [I go low end ;)] price points. The staff/owners are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have been steered wrong in other wine stores/packeys (note I go low end) but never here.

        1. Speaking of Four Corners, how does South Pacific manage to stay in business? The food is disgusting and the service is awful.