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Oct 10, 2006 08:59 PM

Square One or BLD for saturday brunch?

From previous postings, it sounded like the wait is just crazy for square one... do they accept reservations? and what is good to order?

and what's the price range for BLD brunch?

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  1. I think it depends on which is closer -- both are good. Square One will run you about $25 for brunch two, BLD is probably more like $35.
    I don't think the wait will be long at Square One, it's more the wait for your food to arrive that people have mentioned, although others have had no problem, so don't be scared away. I've never had anything there I didn't love, from plain scrambled eggs and fruit salad to eggs benedict with smoked salmon, pancakes, French toast, eggs and chorizo, and everything else.
    I think it's more likely to be crazy at BLD, actually. I don't think Square One takes reservations, but call and see, it couldn't hurt.

    1. i made it to square one by 10 am on a saturday recently, and had to wait all of two minutes.

      what to order? my favorites are the pressed egg sandwich w/bacon, and the french toast with banana-citrus caramel sauce...with a side of bacon. it's pretty mindbendingly good bacon, and i never go there without having some.

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        We also went to Square One at about 10am on a Saturday, and there were only 3 tables occupied inside and 2 occupied outside on the patio. We just picked our table and sat down. The food does take a while to come, but the coffee is great and the server was super nice. They changed their menu a little since last time we went. I got the baked eggs with chorizo, which was a little spicy but delicious.

        You might also consider Dusty's for brunch. It's in Echo Park and they have a French menu. The food is on a par with Square One, but the decor is a little nicer.

      2. Breakfast at BLD is pretty good, but one thing that drove me NUTS about it is that if you order fruit instead of potatoes, they charge you $4 bucks extra. And all you get is a couple of pieces of cantaloupe. really wrong, and sort of put me in a bad mood about the place in general. the waitress was very apologetic about the fact that they charge that much for so little. but the place is packed for breakfast, so i guess they can charge whateve they want.

        1. Square One has the closest thing to a perfect breakfast. Listen to Chowpatty! The only reason to go to BLD over Square One is location. It's over-crowded and under-good.

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          1. re: GraceyNoodleStein

            I've been a big fan of Square One...until recently. I can put up with the spacey service if the food is great, but they've really been slipping. Coffee was weak & not good, eggs overcooked, sausage omelette almost devoid of sausage, jam tasteless, grits blah and so on. Phil (who owns the place) is very sweet and his menu has a lot of interesting choices, but I am not anxious to head back after two mediocre experiences.

            Back to Millies, I guess.

          2. I have not been to Square One... but I think that BLD is vastly overated and overpriced for what it is.