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Oct 10, 2006 08:47 PM

jamon iberico???

i just had some jamon iberico in peru (of all places!) and it brought me back...

i know its now approved and available in the states from certain producers in spain.

but who sells it in LA? not by the entire leg, but by the pound? (or at the likely prices, perhaps by the gram?) an 8 ball of jam anyone?

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  1. not yet. you can get sausages and lomo, but not the jamon. it has to be certified from slaughter to shipping, which takes a year.

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    1. re: FED

      yeah i just read further... oh well. back to smuggling...

    2. The least thing I heard was that with La Tienda you were going to have to buy the whole leg... in a year. Hopefully, that policy will change - I can't wait :-) I wonder what restaurant's mark-ups will be.

      1. Try

        I hear they make great Spanish sausages, too.

        1. Having a Spanish Tapas & Paella Party next week. Plan to get most of the items from La Espanola. Very organized & comprehensive website. Hope the retail store is too.

          I'll post a full report then.

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          1. re: WileysHungryAgain

            the store is great and they give a multitude of tastes (at least on weekends)

            i call la espanola meats with the proper research: the home a.o.c kit...

          2. absolutely. and having visited the spanish table in berkeley recently, i was surprised at how much of what they sell comes from la espanola. ask for alex, he won't steer you wrong.