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only 8 frozen yogurt

anyone know of any only8 frozen yogurt in NYC OTHER THAN Union square?

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  1. There is one on 72rd street between Broadway and Columbus - closer to columbus. Another one on 23rd street I believe, somewhere between 8th and 10th ave...

    1. You can find Only 8 Frozen Yogurt in a lil lunch spot in Garden City NY out on Long Island. Place is called the Upper Crust Cafe right on Franklin Ave they also make great shakes out of it. Try a Rose Garden Shake its amazing.

      1. wow, thanks. too bad im stuck here in carroll gardens, brooklyn. anything my way you hear of, lemme know

        1. THere is a deli on the southwest corner of 9th Ave and 43rd that has it. Also, all of the Pump locations have it. 55th b/w 5th and 6th, 23rd & park...there are 3 other locations in manhattan also.

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            really? all PUMPs have it? i didnt know that! thats great. maybe ill hit the 23rd street one monday...thanks a bunch. more people need to try this stuff, i think it beets tasti D anyday.

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              Can you school me on what's meant by "pump locations"? I have no idea what that is. I LOVE Only 8. I'm from Westchester county but work in manhattan, so I can stop for Only 8 before I get on the train,but I'm hoping there's a location in midtown??? Thanks! ;)

            2. Agreed! Merely moments after reading the post last week I walked up to 72nd street to get it in like 40 degree weather. Strangely they did not have vanilla which i like best.

              I highly recommend getting the carob chips with it at the Pump!!!

              1. the one on 72nd St also sells it by the quart - freeze it and about 5 minutes before you want to eat it, set it out to get soft. Just as good! Peanut Butter is my favorite. Also, add it to protein shakes for extra thickness and flavor. Mmmm! As a side note, has anyone noticed that the oweners of the 72nd St store are ALWAYS on the phone when you go in?? :)

                1. Where can you find it in Union Square?

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                    On PAS b/t 15th & 16th Sts. The French Vanilla is the best!

                  2. yeah the store on Park Ave. has great froz yogurt....there's another store that has "only 8" on 2nd ave at 70th, but i once noticed the mixture the guy was pouring into the machine, and it was definitely not the "only 8" stuff......it was high in fat and had hydrogenated veg oil etc....so it's probably fake......but i agree only 8 is way better than Tasti D lite

                    1. right? i cant figure out why you see tasti dlite all over the damn place when only 8 is WAY tastier. i mean, im no fool, they both pale in comparison to even the most mediocre gelaterria but i like being able to enjoy something like ice cream while not worrying about excessive sugar, etc, yknow? can we please figure out a way to get only 8 in wider circulation. im totally positive that were all the tasti dliters to taste only 8, things'd change.

                      1. Does anyone know if the location on 72nd street that sells it is still open? If so, what is the name?


                        1. I know of one on the UWS -- a small candy shop on the east side of Broadway, just north of 90th St.

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                            wow, I 'm a tasti diliter and now i'm curiously eager to try Only 8. I actually go to the Tasti on 72nd bet Columbus and B'way and will check out the Only 8 next week. Thanks all for the enlightenment,

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                              I normally get only 8 from the Pump, but I found the place on 72nd and I can tell you with 100% assurance that one of them is not actually serving only 8, and I am pretty sure it is the one on 72nd. The texture, consistency and taste are COMPLETELY different. Something shady is going on.

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                                Please don't say that-I eat it every day.
                                Why do you say the one on 72nd is not selling the real thing?
                                What and where are the "pumps?"
                                I have only been to the one on 72nd.

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                                  The Pump, they are a health food chain found in midtown, there are 5 locations. The consistency and taste is completely different. The one on 72nd street tastes much much more like Tasti d lite than Only 8.

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                                    Thank you for your response-So why do you think the pump "is the real" deal? The one on 72 s.t has the Only 8 ingredient boxes (I have seen them stacked up) and I don't think they are sophisticated enough (it's a small mom and pop store) to alter the ingredients and get such a delicious taste and consistency. The taste is also very consistent.

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                                      I may be wrong. There is the possibility that the machines they use are different in how much air they pump in and the consistency that is churned out as a result.

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                                    Could you please tell me what the one on 72nd is called or exactly where it is?

                            2. You can also get it at Izzys Ices in Levittown. They are located in the East Village Green near the town pool.

                              This stuff tastes great. I prefer the flavored version over the plain vanilla. But it's all good!

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                                NEW YORK
                                Commack- Granny's
                                Garden CIty- Upper Crust Cafe
                                Glens Falls- Coopers Cave Ice Cream
                                Mamoronek- Esy's Frozen Yogurt
                                NYC- Greenwich Village Yogurtland
                                NYC- Pump Energy Food (38th and 6th)
                                NYC -Times Square Deli (211 W.43rd)
                                Pleasantville- RocNRoe's Pop Shop
                                Sag Harbor- Ice Cream Club