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Oct 10, 2006 07:56 PM

only 8 frozen yogurt

anyone know of any only8 frozen yogurt in NYC OTHER THAN Union square?

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  1. There is one on 72rd street between Broadway and Columbus - closer to columbus. Another one on 23rd street I believe, somewhere between 8th and 10th ave...

    1. You can find Only 8 Frozen Yogurt in a lil lunch spot in Garden City NY out on Long Island. Place is called the Upper Crust Cafe right on Franklin Ave they also make great shakes out of it. Try a Rose Garden Shake its amazing.

      1. wow, thanks. too bad im stuck here in carroll gardens, brooklyn. anything my way you hear of, lemme know

        1. THere is a deli on the southwest corner of 9th Ave and 43rd that has it. Also, all of the Pump locations have it. 55th b/w 5th and 6th, 23rd & park...there are 3 other locations in manhattan also.

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            really? all PUMPs have it? i didnt know that! thats great. maybe ill hit the 23rd street one monday...thanks a bunch. more people need to try this stuff, i think it beets tasti D anyday.

            1. re: PeachNYC

              Can you school me on what's meant by "pump locations"? I have no idea what that is. I LOVE Only 8. I'm from Westchester county but work in manhattan, so I can stop for Only 8 before I get on the train,but I'm hoping there's a location in midtown??? Thanks! ;)

            2. Agreed! Merely moments after reading the post last week I walked up to 72nd street to get it in like 40 degree weather. Strangely they did not have vanilla which i like best.

              I highly recommend getting the carob chips with it at the Pump!!!