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Oct 10, 2006 07:47 PM

lunch places near long beach airport

nothing specific, just good eats!

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  1. The closest good place for lunch is Baja Sonora for killer fast-food Mexican, corner of Spring and Clark:

    Tiny Thai is not too far from LGB, at 4152 Norse Way (side street near the corner of Lakewood and Carson), and I like the food there a lot.

    There's a Mosher's Deli at Clark and Willow. Avoid it at all costs.

    1. i'd go for bake 'n' broil, on atlantic just north of wardlow. there's also a mustard's hotdog stand at atlantic and wardlow, and the teri-house in the same minimall is pretty good.

      1. On Bellflower, south of Willow, there's Hof's Hut, an above average coffee shop/diner; local chain that also operates Lucille's BBQ. Good, solid food and bakery items. Off of Carson and Lakewood, on either Norse Way or Viking (I forget which) is Dale's Diner, a 50's kinda burger joint. Across the street from that is a little Middle Eastern/Mediterranean place that's always good for a quick, cheap lunch. Other than that, there are tons of chain places, especially if you go up to the northern end of Lakewood Maill (iirc, Michelson Street).

        1. Wow, this will surely help! Thanks!