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Oct 10, 2006 07:43 PM

Eats near the Henry Fonda Theater

Hey Hounds,

I live down in San Diego, and I'm not to familiar with LA eats. I'm heading to the Henry Fonda Theater this saturday for a concert, and I was wondering if there were any good spots to grab a bite before the show or even afterwards. I prefer it to be within walking distance of the venue, but if there's nothing worth checking out then I will most def. drive. Thanks in advance for your recs!!

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  1. The Henry Fonda is half a block from the Pantages. I suggest you search through the threads asking the same question about the Pantages for a list of opinions and options.

    Me -- I went to the Fonda a week or so ago, and first walked over to The Hungry Cat, and ate at the counter (Thursday, no waiting). I highly recommend it. The special cocktail (based on a lemon and herb infused vodka) was delicious, saved from fruity sweetness by the herbs. I had a special appetizer and and the crab soup, and loved it all.

    1. Lucky Devils is about 3/4 mile up Hollywood blvd from the Henry Fonda. High-quality burgers and such, with a good beer list.

      Roscoes chicken & waffles is also nearby on Gower, probably about 1/4 mile away (a bit of an incline if you decide to walk).

      Both are open late.

      1. Hungry Cat, Magnolia and Bowery are all pretty close

        1. So is Eat.Sunset, and it's better than Magnolia for sure. Palms Thai is also quite close, and it's pretty good.

          1. Off Vine is great with a nice setting. Kinda fancy.

            Palms Thai: If you go after the show you might still see Elvis. Before the show you'll want to get there plenty early as there'll be one hey of a wait and that can be stressfull when you've got a show.

            Ike Shushi: kitty corner from the Henry Fonda. Great sushi at a good price

            But yeah, if you haven't done Roscoe's before that's the no-brainer to me.