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Oct 10, 2006 07:33 PM

Perigee - "?" courses with dessert tasting menu


My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary this week at Parigee and were wondering which tasting menu we should get. We definitely want to try the dessert tasting menu (4 course dessert menu - $40pp) but unsure about the 5, 6, or 7 course meal. Being ambitious, I was thinking of the 7 course, but when I made the reservation they recommended the 5 courses + dessert menu.

What are the differences between the 5, 6 and 7 courses?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. We've only had the five course and were stuffed. Management says that the total amount of food in their meals is about the same, irrespective of the number of courses ordered. Presumably, you get more variety if you order more courses, but a similar total amount of food.

    We thought that our one meal at Perigee was pretty good, and the theater aspect is neat, but we didn't think it was remotely worth its cost or the ongoing hype.

    Flame away!

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      I have to agree, it was a fun night and the bread/dip was very good, but the other dishes were really hit/miss in terms of flavour and texture combinations. A friend and I kept looking over at my third friend pining for the tasting menu she got.

    2. Stick with the 5 course. I had the dessert tasting by itself and that totally stuffed me (though I think I had a 6-course dessert tasting that night).

      The 6 course adds a cheese course to the 5. The 7 course adds another seafood or game course to the 6. I'm not sure what they do with the dessert courses that already come with the dinner tastings. There is always a small "pre-dessert", then the regular dessert, plus a little dish of tiny sweets with the bill. Hmm. You will have a lot of dessert. :)

      No flames here. I love Perigee and think it's a great spot for a special dinner. But I could certainly understand that not everone is impressed. The chef is constantly trying new things and some are bound to not appeal to all tastes.

      Enjoy your evening and please report back on it!

      1. Hi everyone!

        Thanks for the great advice!

        1. Just know that Perigee is highly variable. Many of the combos do not work, but it is certainly one of the more ambitious restaurants in Toronto.

          Good or bad, it is what it is and Pat loves food almost as much as I do and it shows in occassional flashes of brillance.

          I used to support the place more when Chris was there, but it is still one of the best dining experiences in TO.

          1. If you are BIG eaters, go for the 5+dessert tasting. It ends up being like the 7 course but with 2 more desserts (5 savoury, 1 cheese, 3 desserts). If not, stick with the typical 5,6,7 course. I didnt eat all day and got the 5 course with dessert tasting. They had to roll me outta there! I couldnt hardly fit in my coat when they were helping me with it. =)

            I also suggest having a small dinner somewhere else, and coming for drinks and the dessert tasting menu later on.