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Oct 10, 2006 07:29 PM

Italian, Chinese, Japanese or American Pre-Theater in Westwood?

I'm going to the theatre Saturday night in Westwood. I'm not familiar with the territory ... any good suggestions?

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  1. Isshin! (Japanese food, sushi bar, family owned, good portions)

    Damon & Pythias is not that bad either.

    Now sure how much you want to spend. But stay away from Palomino and Tengu - I don't recommend, some may disagree.

    1. Although I’m not familiar with them, there's lots of Italian restaurants on Westwood blvd just south of Wilshire. Do you have a car or do you want to walk? I’d check out some other postings for the Westwood area if you don't get more responses.

      1. Tanino on Westwood for Italian.

        Damon & Pythias for casual fare, including salads and sandwiches.

        There is always CPK, BJ's, Chili's.

        Chinese includes Noodle World and Noodle Planet, but I'd avoid those two altogether. Just not very appealing food, imho.

        Tengu (Japanese) has a cheap happy hour, with half off sushi rolls and sake.

        1. Thai House on Gayley across from the Whole Foods Market is a surprisingly quiet and upscale Thai restaurant with good service and moderate prices. I like their mee krob and their yellow curry. Be sure to stop by Diddy Riesse for a couple of cookies or an ice cream sandwich on your way to the Geffen.

          1. For good Japanese food, it is a bit of drive but Sawtelle Blvd has bunch