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Oct 10, 2006 07:25 PM

uses for left over celery

celery is one of those things that i always seem to end up with lots left over. prob b/c you have to buy the whole bunch and most recipes just call for a couple stalks.

anyone have any creative ideas for using up the leftovers? (looking for something more interesting than slapping some pb on it or cream of celery soup)


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  1. stuck, try making a celery slaw, add to chicken or tuna salad, saute with chicken & cashews..okay that's 4!

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        1. re: HillJ

          oh, if only i could stomach them!

          had a particularly spicy one, late-night, after many previous drinks in college and have not been able to drink them since. :(

          1. re: stuckinschool

            stuck, try some of the milder suggestions above

    1. Braised celery is a wonderful wintertime vegetable. Cut it into pieces on the diagonal. A little chicken broth. Finish with a knob of butter and some salt and pepper when it's tender. Gratinee for a company meal.
      The taste will surprise you.

      1. you could use it in a stuffing or you could just cut it into 3" pieces and sautée with a little olive oil, pepper flakes, salt, and a splash of lemon at the end for a side dish

        1. Add it to your (freezer) bag of onion skins, leek tops and carrot bits for stock -- when the mood strikes, you're ready to go.

          Mince celery and add to peas w/ mint.
          Make a mirepoix and keep on hand, refrig. for short-term, freezer for longer.
          Warm winter salad of root vegetables - celery, carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips w/ mustard vinaigrette.
          Saute cucumbers & celery, toss w/ dill to accompany salmon.

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          1. re: Sherri

            I agree with the freezer option. Freeze the celery and whip it out for your next recipe requiring a few stalks to be cooked. Obviously this isn't for fresh celery recipes.

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              I agree w/ freezing it, too. Along w/ other veggies and you can always stuff a roast chicken with them for the flavor, or lie the chicken on top, like a roasting rack.

            2. Well there's always cream cheese instead of pb. :b

              Chicken soup ... celery in both the stock-making process and then fresh celery in the final soup.

              I have problems using up celery too. Thanks for starting this thread!