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Oct 10, 2006 07:22 PM

Vegetarian Friend from Out of Town

Recommendations appreciated for group of five, one of whom is a vegetarian. No Indian food, but open to everything else. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cafe Boulud has 4 different menus + a daily specials menu. One of the menus is dedicated to vegetarian dishes. Superb cuisine, a fine wine list, excellent service, and very pleasing surroundings.

    1. Per Se has an excellent vegetarian tasting menu. Of course, if you need to go tomorrow ....

      1. Grand Sichuan has some excellent vegetable dishes that don't have meat in them. Nowadays, I'm most familiar with the St. Marks location, where I've enjoyed the following vegetable/vegetarian dishes:

        19. Sichuan Cold Noodle * (This is meatless and I believe it would be OK for a vegetarian)
        31. Spinach with ginger sauce
        32. Cold Broad Beans
        33. Cold Cucumber with Scallion Sauce
        104. Shredded Potatoes with vinegar sauce
        105. Braised Pumpkin with Ginger & Scallions
        110. Sweet Red Date & Lotus Seeds
        131. Steamed Turnip with Cut spicy pepper
        148. Sweet & Sour Sliced Lotus Root (sour and spicy and not at all like the junk with the gloppy sweet red sauce you can get in umpteen million takeout joints throughout the country)
        151. Sauteed Spinach or with fresh garlic
        154. Sauteed Sweet Potatoes with Ginger & Scallion
        156. Sauteed Diced Hollow Steam Vegetables (seasonal) *
        157. Sauteed Cucumber with Black Mushrooms (truly excellent!)

        There are other vegetable dishes that don't have any meat in them, but these are all dishes I've had in the past few months and recommend.

        1. Have heard good things about Gobo. Any comments from someone who's been there?

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            Gobo is really good for vegetarian fare- very flavorful-- the best deal is their lunch specials or their delivery menu-- unfortunately if you eat in-- dinner is on the expensive side. another place is wild ginger (broome st.) -- equally as flavorful and a little cheaper for dinner. Both places have excellent seitan skewer dishes. Both do interesting things in Pan-Asian Vegetarian World.

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              Thanks hongrynyc. My wife is vegetarian and I'll keep both places in mind.

          2. it's ok, not thrilling. super fast deliverers though.

            i recommend Lan on 6th st btw 1st and 2nd aves. it's new. it's vegan. it's vietnamese. not fancy.

            also, klong, the thai place on st. marks has lots of fake meat dishes. they also have meatatarian food for the carnivores among you.