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Oct 10, 2006 07:20 PM

Donovans pre-Shea on Thursday?

I was thinking of driving out to Donovans on Thursday afternoon, having burgers and beers there and then taking the subway to Shea to watch the New York Mets play the only playoff baseball in town... does this make any sense? Which subway runs near Donovan's? How is street parking around there?

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  1. The 7 train runs along Roosevelt Avenue where Donovan's is located. I believe the stop is 52nd Street (Lincoln Ave.) There is plenty of meter parking available on Roosevelt. It shouldn't be difficult to find side street parking as well. I think you have a good plan.

    Of course, meter parking won't be helpful if you're going to be at Shea. I'm not sure at what time the meters need not be fed.

    1. The 61st Street station is closer and is an express stop. I agree, parking isn't bad, but I have no idea where you're coming from so I don't know what traffic will be like getting to Donovan's. I do know that there will be plenty of slow moving traffic going up Roosevelt Ave to Shea when you need to be there.

      1. I went to Donovans and was very disappointed with the burger. It was the type of burger you would expect to find at an Irish Bar. The fries were nothing special either. I parked on the street when I went, it was all meter.

        1. Last Thursday I parked on 111 th street, steps from Roosevelt Ave at 5:30.p.m. and the meter only had to be fed till 7:00, I think it was a two hour max. I walked around, grabbed some mexican soda and smoked a cigar. I held out for a Mamma's of Corona turkey hero, it was, as always, great. This Thursday I have a similar plan but may try a mexican place right around the corner. Let's Go Met's.

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            There's non-meter parking near Donovan's, but you'll plausibly need to drive around for a few minutes to find it. The plan will work, Irina.

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              The meters in the neighborhood only go until 7 PM and you can usually find a spot within a block or so of Donovan's, so it shouldn't be too bad. You could also look for free non-meter parking in the residential blocks to the south of Roosevelt Ave (the Long Island Railroad tracks kind of cut you off going to the north). The 7 subway train runs over Roosevelt and it will let you off right in front of Shea.

            2. You should be able to find side street parking with a minimum of hunting. Take the train from the 61 St Station. The only warning I have is that we used to meet in Donovan's on Thursday nights and the burgers were not very good. When we switched to Fridays they improved greatly. I guess the A-Team isn't working on Thursdays. I agree that the fries are your basic frozen steak fries - very forgetable, but the Guinness is usually poured just right.