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Oct 10, 2006 06:58 PM

Best place to buy steak to cook at home?

Looking to cook a nice sirloin, ribeye or porterhouse at home. Anywhere from Beverly Hills to Hollywood. Thanks for the referrals.

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  1. look no further than harvey guss.

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      i've bought from Harvey a few times before... i know he's good, but a) at +++$20/lb for tenderloin, I think he's better than whole foods, but is still making a killing off his non-restaurant customers, & b) when i asked him where he sourced his meat, he said 'nothing but the best from IBP' which I assume meant Iowa Beef Packers... not sure if y'all have read fast food nation, but I'd rather not get my meat from them, even if it is $10 less per pound.

    2. My choice would be either Marconda or Huntington Meats in the 3rd and Fairfax Farmer's Market. Definitely not cheap - you're looking at the better part of twenty bucks a pound - but I'd trust it to be great. I'm also a pretty big fan of the Bristol Farms butchers at my local location; I'd assume they'd be as competent elsewhere. How's is another good source, but you don't have any of those in your area.

      1. Alexander meats is worth the drive(in San Gabriel)

        1. If I wanted the best, I'd second the rec for Harvey Guss. But you must call ahead (day before, at least).

          My local Whole Foods (mine is in Tustin) has dry-aged meat (minimum 21 days IIRC) that is reallly really good. I've gotten some killer dry-aged steaks there. You might check in at your local WF.

          1. For inexpensive but good steaks, I've had great success at, of all places, Stater Brothers Markets. Had a 1" rib eye for about $6.99 a pound that, after being left to get to room temperature, sprinkled with some Lindberg Snider Porterhouse & Roast Seasoning, was done to medium rare on my Weber Silver B, tasted so good. My wife and I both had this that night, and we agreed it was as good as any in a fancy overpriced steak house. Yes, I know you can pay $20. a pound for some steaks, but generally they disappoint unless you're really careful.

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              I second Stater Bros. It's the place I get ALL my meats for special occasions. You can't get quality for that price at any other place.