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Oct 10, 2006 06:53 PM

Korean BBQ?

Hi guys, I just moved to Cgy from Edm. There was an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Edm where you grill marinated meats at your table. Is there something similar here? Thanks!

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  1. alau2:

    Sorry, I am in Edmonton so cannot assist with your Calgary quaere.

    However, it has been some time since we last went out for Korean food in Edmonton so I thought I would ask for your recommendation....if it is in fact a recommendation....and the name of the spot you mentioned here in the "chuk".

    I am not sure that "all you can eat" is what I am interested in but any recommendations for good Korean cuisine would be welcomed.

    Years and years and years ago when I lived in the Strathearn area the Bulgogi House complete with smokey interior and JuicyFruit gum when you left was one place I went.

    Later it was "replaced" by the Korean Village, west of 99th, south of the Whitemud whose food and decor we enjoyed more.

    However it has been a number of years since we have been back or elsewhere.

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      The place he is likely referring to is Ginseng Palace, all you can eat Korean BBQ on 34th Ave, and 96/97 street? It's next to the Rattlesnake saloon.

      In terms of Korean, i like eating at the one in the strip mall on Calgary Trail S, across the Trail from the Police Station/Sam Wok, etc... same complex as Royal Pizza (eastern part of that mall). Im drawing a blank on the name of it right now, but the food and prices are both very good there.

      Alau2: sad to report, the Korean all you can eat BBQ in Calgary is not as good as GSP. A Japanese/Korean restaurant on 16th Ave N, across from SAIT (Sushi BBQ Inn i believe) has all you can eat BBQ and Sushi, but the BBQ is only ok, sushi the same. Treasures of China, has all you can eat BBQ and Hotpot as one meal (Chinatown). Those are the only all you can eat places i know of.

      If anyone knows of any others, im interested in knowing as well!

    2. Hi guys,
      Yen: Korean BBQ doesn't have to be all you can eat. I think I'd settle for a decent place that has the grills on the table at least. :-)

      As for Edmonton, the one we used to go to all the time was Korean Village, 7729-85 St. It's tucked into a residential area near Bonnie Doon. $19.95 for all you can eat but they also have menu items. Small place, nothing posh but we liked it.

      Bulgogi House is still around - Juicy Fruit and all.

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      1. re: alau2

        Sorabol used to have them, but they closed. Most Korean places i eat at are strictly service only. Hopefully someone else on this board has more info. Anyone?

        As for Edmonton, Korean Village is definitely pretty good. I liked Ginseng Palace better though... but thanks for the link to your blog. Pizza Boys sounds awesome. Im already craving a pizza boys deluxe!

        1. re: yen

          Korean Village doesn't have the grills built into the tables like some places, but they will let you cook it at the table. Personally, I find that emerging from the restaurant completely steeped in smoky garlic marinade less than desirable, and I grew up with the smell! But then perhaps I am simply an unworthy chowhound.

      2. alau2/yen:

        Looks like a visit to Korean Gardens is in order...I said west of 99th, of course as alau2 pointed out it is east.

        I will have to check out the name of the spot on Calgary Trail and maybe Ginseng. The last time I was in Ginseng it was because I was hopelessly lost in Millwoods...yet AGAIN!!!!...and got directions from a group of Korean middle aged men to find "Mr. Kim's" grocery store as in the pre-T & T days it was hard to find L.A. Styled ribs and Kochujung [sp?] to make my that barbequed kalbi but not the resulting mess on my barbeque [smile]

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        1. re: Bob Mac

          I have to admit that even as an Edmonton native, i've gotten lost in Millwoods a few times as well. I wouldnt feel too bad about it :)

          As for the mess on the BBQ, worth every minute scraping!

        2. I thought this thread was about Calgary?

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            You werent contributing John. We got bored of waiting for you :)

            1. re: yen

              I can't! But I've had good bubble tea in edmonton, maybe I should do a double hijack...

          2. Gotta love a hijacked thread. I am reading with interest for the next time I go to Edmonton.