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Oct 10, 2006 06:53 PM

Seattle Hound in LA for USC game, need recs

Will be down in LA for the USC Cal game in November. Looking for some recs for bistro/brasserie style fair or small plates/tapas style dining. I appreciate any help. Recs can stretch from Santa Barbara south to Orange County

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  1. La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara. Arguably the best and most innovative Mexican food in Southern California, mostly served in small portions so you can sample a lot of different dishes.

    1. hope that you'll be rooting for the good guys (blue helmets).

      orris on sawtelle blvd in west la does small plates/tapas pretty well. asian/fusion style.

      also there's alot of izakaya (japanese pub food) small plate places that are good including: furaibo (on sawtelle blvd) and wakasan (on westwood blvd), both in west la, and terried sake house (on santa monica blvd) in santa monica.

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        Go Bears,

        You are correct. Actually the wife and I are St Mary's alum and we will be attending the SMC v USC basketball game at the Galen Center then cheering on the Bears past the men of Troy. Thanks for the recs.

        Go Gaels, Go Bears

        1. re: urika

          i'd try posting again in a couple of weeks and narrowing down the area for recs. people on this board are pretty good about responding when given specific areas. also, check out jonathon gold's articles on for some recs. he did an article on bistro k in s. pasadena early this year, but i haven't been. he has also reviewed orris, which i recommended earlier and AOC which is mentioned below. also, next time don't mention that you'll be rooting for the bears (sorry, i was curious)... might get more responses from trojan fans.

          for small plates i listed a few japanese places that i like on the westside. you can also do searches for AOC (i liked) and Cobras and Matadors (haven't been), both in hollywood, on this board. i've also had tapas at Luna Negra in pasadena, but i wasn't really impressed. there's also a place called BarCelona in pasadena that has tapas, but i get the feeling that its more a bar than a restaurant.

          it should be pretty fun to see the new galen center. i remember a couple of years ago the gaels beat the bears in haas pavillion, so i know your guys can play pretty tough. hopefully cal gives us something to cheer about in the coliseum too.

        2. re: go_bears

          Musha in Torrance and Santa Monica are great too!

          Although more people swear by the Torrance location than the Santa Monica one.