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Oct 10, 2006 06:52 PM

Suggestions for best lamb dish

Open to anything, but I'm thinking along the lines of rack of lamb. Had a "lamb three ways" dish at Five Points that I'd recommend to anyone. What else?

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    1. re: Daniel76

      OH my GOD. The lamb at Devi is to DIE for.

    2. I had a delicious lamb shank at Pylos.

      The other night I had homemade tagitelle (SP) in a lamb ragu at Cafe Boulud.

      1. At Cafe Boulud, you can always depend on the lamb dishes, no matter what the cut, to be first rate. In the past, I've had superb renditions of rack of lamb, and when we had lunch there a few weeks ago, there was an outstanding "lamb two ways" on the special 3-course prix-fixe. Right now, looking at the dinner menu on their website, I don't see any lamb dishes listed; however, there are two listed on the lunch menu,i.e. on the prix-fixe, a change from the one I had + a different preparation on the a la carte menu.