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Oct 10, 2006 06:48 PM

Must See in DC


I will be in town with my hubby this week for our annual October trip to DC. I have most of our dining planned and again offer my thanks to those of you who offered input when I asked for help.

My first question today is, other than actual dining, what else should we not miss? Are there any noteworthy bakeries or bread shops? What would be considered the best non-chain food shopping around?

Also, where are the superior coffee shops? I'm looking for good local roasters with nice espresso. Anything around our hotel at Rhode Island and 15 would be ideal but we will travel for good espresso.

Finally are there any noteworthy festivals or events going on later this week or this weekend? They don't need to be food related.

Thanks again for any and all assistance!


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  1. I like Murky Coffee on 7th SE. A few steps away is a great store selling hot sauces, and a few steps from that at Eastern Market you can do some good non-chain food shopping.

    1. Eastern Market on Saturday Morning is a Must See!
      It's the center of the Capital Hill Historic District, the largest intact Victorian neighborhood in the US. The food market has been in continuous operation since the 1870s and has Euro-style stalls with a farmers' line and flea market on weekends.
      I've found genuine treasures among the cookbooks at the used bookstore on C Street. Good vintage table linens at the fleamarket.
      Lots of restaurants in a wide range around the Market or on nearby Barracks Row leading to the Marine Corps Barracks and Navy Yard.

      1. If you're here on Thursday, the Taste of Georgetown is happening.

        1. Swing's Coffee has been a DC tradition since 1916 and they still roast locally. They're at 1702 G Street NW, right across from the White House, so if you're in the neighborhood.