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Oct 10, 2006 06:32 PM

Mom said, safety first!

What measures do you take to make the busiest room (the kichen) safe? Grease fires, food contamination, pest-free, etc?

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    1. Let's see... I have baking soda, an ABC fire extinguisher, and a universal pot lid for extinguishing fires; I have a jelly board that I use for meat and a separate one for fish -- after I wash them assiduously in hot water, I microwave them for five minutes on high; I keep anything that might tempt pests in acrylic or glass.

        1. I assume that all chicken is contaminated, and handle it accordingly. Lots of hot, soapy water to scrub things down. Nuke the dish sponge a couple of times a day. Quickly chill stocks/soups in ice baths. I don't want anyone to get sick from eating my food!

          1. Don't forget a spray bottle with water and bleach. They even sell them pre-mixed now. I spray everything, counters, cutting board, sink, then wash with hot soapy water, then make sure everything that can go into the dishwasher...goes. Overkill, maybe. But it is worth it.

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              A 10% bleach solution is actually only effective for 24 hours. Being a microbiologist can sure get in the way of having fun in the kitchen.

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                I did not know that. So how about those commercial clorox products marketed for the kitchen or those antibacterial products like Mr. Clean multisurface?