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Oct 10, 2006 06:28 PM

Good Fork

Going here tonight with my buddy.. What can you recommend?

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  1. "Going here tonight with my buddy.. What can you recommend?"

    This -

    1. the crab cakes and the skate are both excellent. The burger and the korean steak and egg are also very good.

      1. looks expensive and a little above average?

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          Was there a couple of weeks ago. My girlfriend and I tried a few plates, the most memorable being the skate and the crab cake appetizer. A few general opinions....thought the atmosphere was nice and unique (service was really good). Thought the quality, and flavor of the food to be above avg. w/ some standouts, but I did consider their prices to be quite high for the amount of food they offered. In the end, I would probably go again if I happened to find myself in the area and hungry. Otherwise, not a destination restaurant. But you'll have to make that decision for yourself. I say give it a shot.

          1. re: Daniel76

            I think the food is above avg. and the prices for entrees range from about $15-20, which I also think is fairly avg. pricing for a nice place.

          2. The portions are small for the prices. Also, I feel like they want you to eat and leave, not a place I feel comfortable lingering.

            1. I've never felt rushed there. I've never been on a Friday or Saturday, but it's always been full. I have also never left the least bit hungry or wanting another bite. It's a great neighborhood restaurant, serving interesting but accessible food, GREAT COCKTAILS, with mostly good service. Been three times and had one so-so waiter; the rest have been really professional but also friendly.