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Oct 10, 2006 06:16 PM

Need Vegetarian Miami Help

I have a friend and his wife from Los Angeles coming to town in early November for a yoga convention. They are vegetarians and I need 2-4 places to go for lunch and dinner that feature healthy cuisine. They are staying in Sunny Isles, but we will go out in South Beach at least once. Can anyone recommend some decent options? Thanks.

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  1. Well, first, I'm not ready to concede that vegetarian = healthy, but I'll put that aside.

    Right in Sunny Isles is one of my favorite places, Timo. It's not remotely a vegetarian restaurant but they generally have several beast-free salads / starters / pastas / pizzas / sides a vegetarian could choose from (and delicious food for omnivores).

    There are a couple vegetarian restaurants on Sans Souci (123rd St?), Sara's and Here Comes the Sun, neither of which particularly get me excited ...

    Don't know of vegetarian places on South Beach but there are several places where a vegetarian could put together a good meal - on the high end, I'd suggest Marks South Beach and Wish as particularly likely candidates.

    A little easier on the budget, Cafeteria on Lincoln Road has a long menu with something to please everyone, including vegetarians:

    Have not been, but there's a restaurant in the Standard Hotel (formerly the Lido Day Spa on the Venetian Causeway) where NY chef Eric Ripert has put together a very mediterranean menu with lots of veggie selections.

    Also on the "never been" list is afterglo on Washington Ave. - not vegetarian but styles itself "beauty cuisine" with lots of veggie options, plus lots of holistic hoo-hah that anyone coming in for a yoga convention would probably appreciate.

    Another option, not on South Beach however, is Sheba - Ethiopian place in the Design District (40th St. and Miami Ave.) I love the veggie dishes and you can get a veggie plate with several. Funky place too.

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      If kosher dairy (eggs, dairy and some fish) works, Bissaleh Cafe right there in Sunny Isles is pretty good. It's eclectic with an emphasis on Yemeni-Israeli.

      Be aware that Sublime, a very good upscale vegan restaurant in Fort Laudrerdale that's gotten quite a bit of coverage, has been closed for months. They hope to reopen later in the fall.

      Sheba is average Ethiopian food in a much-nicer-than-average setting... at double the average price. But it's the only Ethiopian in town, so at least it's decent.

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        Touche. I should have chosen my wording better....I'm usually the one harping on my veggie friends that it is not a healthy or natural way to eat. Thanks for all of the recs. Any good Indian in town?

      2. Jeez. That's always a tough one. Frodnesor and hatless made a good suggestion with Sheeba. It is a little overpriced for Ethiopian food thought. I haven't been to afterglo, but it seems like the type of place that would cater to vegetarians or wanna be vegetarians. Mr. Chu's and Miss Yip probably have vegetarian selections and if you want to slum it, Dogma has meatless hot dogs.

        1. I'll concede most vegetarians probably eat healthier than me, in any event!

          Miami is not a great town for Indian food. Have not tried Heelsha on 167th St. but it's run by the same people who used to run Renaisa on 79th St., which was on our regular rotation till they left. There's Anokha in Coconut Grove which is OK but not great.

          1. Bali cafe for indonesian in downtown
            Imlee in south miami for indian, really nicely prepared food--
            they have a lunch special for $14.00-it's all you can eat but they serve you at the table (I dislike buffets too)- there is even a prix fixe vegetarian all you can eat. Really nice.
            Andiamo Pizza in the design district allows you to split the pizza 1/2 1/2 if sharing w/ vegetarians.

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