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Oct 10, 2006 06:16 PM

Convivium specialties?

I've done a search on convivium and aside from a reference to steak for 2, I find no info on what dishes are not to be missed at Convivium.

Going there tonight (yes, short notice--sorry!) and wondering what the seasonal and non-seasonal specialties are. Any chowhoundish dishes not to be missed? This is my chance to really order anything I want!!!

Many thanks in advance for any advice you care to share!

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  1. The rabbit stew with rosemary is great, if you like flavorful, somewhat salty food.

    1. Recently had the Oxtail Papardelle which was excellent. Also, try the seafood tapas for two as well as the Salt Crusted Lagoustines - a personal favorite. Enjoy!

      1. i really enjoy their artichoke appetizer. also, had a quail and risotto entree there recently that was out of this world (but it was a special). and i think they have some sort of duck-filled pasta that was excellent too.

        1. We love the chicken liver appetizer. Can't remember specific mains, but have never been disappointed.

          1. We loved the artichoke appetizer and the chicken liver appetizer. Both were very flavorful, but no overdone. I believe all of our entrees were specials the night we were there, though.