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Oct 10, 2006 06:15 PM

What is a reasonable price variance for an omakase?

This occurred to me while reading a post about Sushi Zo. As far as I can tell dinner omakase can range from the $50 to well over $100, all in the past few weeks.

For someone who feels a bit awkward haggling omakase price after sitting down, what is a reasonable range for an omakase? 10%, 20%, 50%, more?

I don't mean the actual average price (which you can ask around about). I'm asking, on a normative level, how detailed one's expectation of the cost of an omakase should be?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Compared with the average/reputed price for an omakase at that restaurant.
      So if you have two restaurants where an omakase is 'about $100,' and one ranges up to $120 and one $200 depending on the chef's mood/availability of ingredients, then it would be 20% and 100%, respectively.

      1. re: BabyLitigator

        I don't know if this is what you are getting at, but I've found that it is safest just to state a range of what you want to spend. Usually the menu will have some sort of omakase option with a price and you can use that as a basis for your numbers.

        1. re: BabyLitigator

          Ah. If the place gets obscure stuff flown in from Tokyo a couple of days a week, then the price could reasonably vary by 200% or more depending on how much of that you're getting.

      2. It depends how hungry you are and how much you eat. Pretty much everytime I've an omakase, after the sushi chef takes us through his tasting, he has asked if we wanted more or anything else. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes no, and that would hugely vary your price. I've had omakase at one restaurant in NYC where the price was almost $100 higher than the previous time because I had an additional 8-10 or so pieces of nigiri after we finished the chef's initial selections.