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Oct 10, 2006 06:08 PM

Pumpkin ice cream & gelato

Who’s selling it this year and is it good?

The winner so far this year for me is Silberman’s pumpkin ice cream. Great pumpkin taste and spicing.

This is such an easy off of 101 one exit north of the Marin Civic Center (Frietas exit). On the other side of 101 from the Civic Center in the Safeway plaza immediately at the off ramp. Great place.

If you are reading sweet ginger, thanks for the heads up on the pumpkin ice cream and it is as great as you said.

They also make a pumpkin cheesecake which has a nice cheesecake flavor, but no pumpkin taste. The pumpkin colored swirls just taste like caramel, not that it is bad, but is just not pumpkin.

Screaming Mimi’s has some other outstanding flavors, but pumpkin is not one of them. There was no taste of pumpkin or spice.

For the heck of it I tried Baskin Robbins. The ice cream itself was pretty good texture-wise, unfortunately there was little pumpkin flavor and no spice here either.

Sort of ice cream ... the Jack in the Box pumpkin pie spice shake this year was a real disappointment.

In past years Bud’s was my pumpkin ice cream of choice with Marianni’ as a backup. I’m not a Dreyers fan for even one flavor and find the pumpkin just as gluey as all their other ice cream.

Carvel will have pumpkin in two weeks. They also have jack o lantern and ghost Halloween cakes (Fudgy the Whale’s Halloween costume is a ghost).

Here’s a report on Mitchell’s.

No siteings at Bolovo or Downtown Creamery yet.

Saw something pumpkin in the ice cream section of Berkeley Bowl which I thought was called Freestyle, but can’t find info on the web. Anyone tried something with that name at BB?

If ICI is making pumpkin ice cream, someone else is going to have to try it first and be ecstatic. Visiting all the above great ice cream/gelato places makes Ici pale in comparison in both price and flavor.

Any chance Café Fanny might make it?

Anything else?

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  1. Double Rainbow usually makes pumpkin.

    1. The original Swenson's on top of Russian Hill on Hyde. Someone once told me they originated pumpkin ice cream, but I don't know if that's true. It's good, though.

      1. The other night I tried a small taste of the pumpkin gelato at Copa Loca in the Mission. It was really pure pumpkin (no spices added). I didn't like it since it really just tasted like plain pumpkin and nothing wasn't very sweet at all. For some people this might be a plus though.

        Overall I wasn't that impressed with Copa Loca....I thought it was overpriced and not very special. That said, the 'fruits of the forest' gelato I had there was pretty good. I just wished that they could have given a bit more for $1.50 kiddie size. The scoop was very tiny.

        Dave MP

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Tucker's Ice Cream in Alameda makes really good pumpkin ice cream!

            They started selling it a few weeks ago. It's available for purchase in half gallon cartons.