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Oct 10, 2006 05:50 PM

Walking Distance of the Music Center? An Italian Place across from DWP?

I'm meeting a friend tonight for dinner before "Doubt." She wants to park at the Music Center and go to someplace nearby. I've told her the dining situation there is DIRE. I won't eat at Pinot Grill again (the restaurant on the plaza). They can't even get a hamburger right.

I'm remembering that Chowhounders have posted about an Italian place, maybe across the street from DWP and the Dorothy Chandler. I can't remember the name. Any other ideas? I don't care for Patina, and I've heard that Kendall's is awful. Help! TIA. P.S. I have done several Chowhound searches but can't find anything within walking distance.

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  1. I believe that would be Promenade Ristorante 710 W. 1st Street.
    (213) 437-4937.

    1. I like Promenade. There were some recent reports of a downturn, but my last meal there (several months ago) was fine.

      Here's a tip: if you eat dinner there, you can park for FREE (validation) in their underground parking area. Just be sure to tell them you're going to an event, as the service can sometimes slow down.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        pacific dining car has a shuttle to the music center. if youre looking for meaty old school...

      2. Ciao Trattoria
        815 West 7th Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90017

        Ciao is recently under new ownership, so call to confirm they will give you a ride to the music center. last i went 6/06 they did. oh the food, umm, yep, very good. get the history on the building too, interesting.

        1. What about Tesoro Trattoria, 300 S Grand. Any opinions on this place?

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          1. re: markn

            Tesoro is good. Don't know if there's a music center shuttle from there, don't know if that's considered walking distance to the OP, because if it is, then other options open up.

            1. re: markn

              I ate there a few years back and it was utterly forgettable. Perhaps they've made improvements since then.

              1. re: Mr. Cookie

                I used to eat there all the time, it's probably been a couple of years. It is not Locanda Veneta, but it is good.

              2. re: markn

                Only thing I like at Tesoro are the (gratis) garlic rosemary bread.

              3. The estimable Japanese noodleshop Daikokuya is an easy 10 minute walk from the Music Center, a straight shot down First Street, and is suitable both before and after a show. The northwest side of downtown has been food-impaired for going on four decades now.

                For a swankier dinner, Robert Gadsby's restaurant Noe in the Omni is quite good, or at least was before he split his attention between Noe and its Houston spinoff. Just three or four blocks walk.