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Oct 10, 2006 05:46 PM

Looking for fresh sheet pasta today - downtown SF

Anyone know where I can track down fresh sheet (preferably egg) pasta today near downtown SF? The pasta I bought on Saturday at the Ferry Plaza farmers market seems to have dried out... and Mastrelli's in the Ferry Building doesn't have any.


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  1. Molinari on Columbus usually has ~4-in wide pasta "rolls" which work well for lasagne.

    1. I think A.G. Ferrari has fresh sheets of pasta. There's a location on Mission @ 3rd. Call first since I'm not sure.


      1. You can use fresh pasta that's dried out. It just takes a little longer to cook.

        1. thanks, all! am making pumpkin ravioli with this, here's to hoping it turns out...

          1. I just saw some at the Bristol Farms in the Westfield Center- wasn't egg pasta, tho...