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Oct 10, 2006 05:35 PM

chocolate frosting and nothing to frost...

I know there have been similar posts about this in the past (too much ganache, etc) but I made a batch of very decadent chocolate frosting last night for some cupcakes and still have quite a bit left over. I hate to just throw it out.

What's should I make to use it up since eating it with a spoon isn't an option?

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  1. As a 'dip' for plain cookies (or maybe strawberries or another fruit?).
    Whenever I have leftover cream cheese frosting, we use it as a dip with pretzel sticks, it's delicious.

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    1. re: morebubbles

      Very good on plain storebought animal crackers, or graham crackers right out of the box!

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Along the same idea - made sandwich cookies with the chocolate frosting as filling!

    2. Stick it in the freezer 'till you have something or, smooth over some lady fingers along side a layer of raspberry jam!

      1. I would use it on fruit - or you could spread some on toast or a toasted english muffin, maybe with a little peanut butter :)

        1. treat the neighbors to a few dipped cookies!

          1. I usually make truffles w/ leftover ganache - I wonder if there is a way to thicken up the frosting a bit, if needed, and do that.